RICK and PTT continue to shine..even on down days.

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by midlifeguy, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. It looks like some accumulation is taking place.

    I still believe these are both possible 10 baggers. They
    are branding an industry that has never had a brand name to it.

    Anyways, hope smart people check it out. I started recommending these several points ago..

    Take care
  2. wake37


    rick is realy taking off. Iwish i would of kept my whole position, i only kept half but up 95% in three months:eek:
  3. It has been up 11 days in a row....momentum players may start taking notice here. Fundamentally, they are rocking and rolling.....

  4. gaj


    short RICK, stop in at 24+, for 1-2 day hold. hope bearish engulfing today.
  5. wake37


    dosent look like the momentum players took notice
  6. I remember when you first posted. those are extreme picks. damn good job I say.
  7. gaj


    and i got stopped out earlier for a small loss. c'est la vie.