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  1. ilyo


    Hello Traders,

    I am looking for a good daytrading book and would like to have your advice on it.
    I don't like the trading books (99% of them) that are written by people who are not ultra rich, they just don't make any sense. Why read a book by someone who explains how to make money but can't manage to do so himself?

    I am looking for a book that is written by the most successful daytraders or hedgefund managers.

    Any suggestions?

    I work at a hedge fund myself.

  2. jr07


    Stock Market Wizards? Interviews with top traders?

    the Marty Schwartz one was particularly insightful for me...

  3. bighog

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    Taco Bell is not a hedge fund last i checked.
  4. MTE


    If you think about it, the answer to your question lies in the question itself.

    Why would someone making millions if not billions of dollars in the markets would want to write a book where he/she explains how to make money!? Just out of the urge to share it with others!?

    I don't think so!
  5. ilyo


    Well, Helú, Carlos SlimCarlos Slim Helú, Soros, GeorgeGeorge Soros, Warren Buffet, richest people of our planet all have written books on how they because what they are...
    Why should daytraders not do it?
  6. ilyo


    That is not really a book on strategies but more a bizarre story. I am looking more for the last..
  7. I can think of a half dozen things in the Wizards series and even Pit Bull that I found helpful and I'd already been trading for many years before those books were written.
  8. agreed of Wizards & Pitbull...........there are quotes in these that will last a lifetime & pertain to the daily rigors.

    check out ROSO & the Douglas should benefit from them as well.
  9. raker


    pit bull - Marty Scwartz - best one for me
  10. pspr


    Trader Vic: Methods of a Wall Street Master by Victor Sperandeo

    Not a day trader, though.
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