Richard Russell - Dow Theory Letters Complete Archives For Sale

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  1. I paid $300 for this complete set of every Dow Theory Letter published from 1958 - 2006. This is a great way to study financial history and gain perspective.

    I will sell it for $175.
  2. The theory is available for free, as well as analysis of it. I doubt this is worth more than $5-$10, and I have this feeling you might just be reselling someone else's DVD or PDF.

    For example:
  3. Agree. 175 is good deal. Try eBay. The free loaders and losers on this site will never get it unless it's free
  4. while the original poster will try multiple aliases to support him/herself in the quest to sell free info for way too much.

    Make that 17.5 cents :cool:
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    lol! Can somebody just post it on youtube and maybe its 17 basis points on the penny...
  6. How do you figure this is free ? I bought it from Russell's site.

    If you wanted to gauge the mood of the market say, at the bottom in 1982, or at the dead highs in gold in 1980, or at any given point in financial history, this is a good resource.
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    are you still interested in selling?
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    Are you still interested in selling?