Richard Quest from CNN ?!

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  1. Most of us agree that Cramer is an A..H...

    What you think about loudmouth Richard ?
  2. Arrested in NY central park a couple months ago with crack in his pants, nuff said.
  3. Really ? LOL

    any link to an article ?
  4. A relative of Johnny Quest?
  5. He makes at least more sense than J.C. ,no ?
  6. Quest was arrested in NYC with a quantity of crystal meth, a rope tied around his neck and connected to his testicles - as well as a large sexual insertion pleasure toy stuck down in one of his boots. He was supposedly engaging in encounters with other males.

    Some colleagues of Quest from earlier have pointed out how Quest focuses not on the issues, but merely on his own persona... from their interactions with Quest.

    After the incident Quest was ordered to undergo a treatment program by the court, but he seems back to his flamboyant self again.


  7. Can't help it but I like to hear him talking :)
  8. Take the test "What sex is your brain" on BBC... and see if you are attracted to feminine or masculine facial traits.

    I find Quest extremely factless and shallow - sadly flamboyant and egocentric... but that is just me, I guess.
  9. Hehehe,

    but today Richard Quest ripped CNN financial editor Todd Benjamin a new one on the CNN business blog.
    That was pretty deserved for Benjamin - he had it coming, because he is so uptight and all.

    Maybe Quest is going out from CNN, since he is attacking the financial editor in such a way? Seems rather "fitting"--- since Benjamin seems pretty anal about stuff, and I remember a few years ago seeing just outright hostile situations on CNNI between the anchors and him, or sometimes between anchors. But then - anal - so is Richard Quest in a big way... they could learn to get along.

    I much prefer Becky Anderson and the girls... although Adrian Finighan is not completely lost. Charles Hodson is just too snivelling.

    I watched Lou Dobbs for more than 10 years before he was taken off CNN International - just after the Iraq War - when he just imploded and became very extremely nationalistic.
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