Richard Nixon on Healthcare

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  1. Nixon's Plan For Health Reform, In His Own Words
    (short version)

    Early last year, I directed the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare to prepare a new and improved plan for comprehensive health insurance. That plan, as I indicated in my State of the Union message, has been developed and I am presenting it to the Congress today. I urge its enactment as soon as possible.

    The plan is organized around seven principles:

    First, it offers every American an opportunity to obtain a balanced, comprehensive range of health insurance benefits;

    Second, it will cost no American more than he can afford to pay;
    Third, it builds on the strength and diversity of our existing public and private systems of health financing and harmonizes them into an overall system;

    Fourth, it uses public funds only where needed and requires no new Federal taxes;

    Fifth, it would maintain freedom of choice by patients and ensure that doctors work for their patient, not for the Federal Government.

    Sixth, it encourages more effective use of our health care resources;

    And finally, it is organized so that all parties would have a direct stake in making the system work--consumer, provider, insurer, State governments and the Federal Government.

    .............(there's more horror for the tea party supporters).......

    Primer: Individual mandate 101: What it is, why it matters

    You'll notice the Heritage Foundation and Romney getting a mandate passed in Massachusetts.

    What exactly happened to get republicans to suddenly be against it? Was there an "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" event, that NASA has been covering up, which has produced the illogically reasoning people known as the "Tea Party" and that this "Tea Party" is the drive behind the republican party to abandon its prior stance on healthcare?
  2. It's just barely possible Chief Justice Roberts remembers these old Republican positions.
    When you're talking about the SC, anything can happen.
  3. it was the gap between hating black people and hating gay people. it was a crazy time for the R's. it was to much free time if you ask me. thank god he had to vietnam war or maybe he would of wanted free college education too.