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  1. Hi,

    I am looking to see if anyone ever went to a Richard Ney course in the 80's -90's. I am looking to somehow get the material from that course.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. He was a one-trick pony. You don't think it's all in the book?
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    He wrote one book about how insiders manipulated prices or something like that. I read it, personally I thought he was a crank.

  4. Maxpi. That was "Wall Street Jungle". The one to which I referred is "How I made Two Million Dollars in the Stock Market". It described how he used "boxes" on daily charts, which today we call consolidations, to make money. Far from being a crank, his work was instrumental in cleaning The Street up to its current slightly north of unsavory practices.
  5. Richard Ney wrote several books. If you take the time to study them you will see that he thought things out carefully, sought out real evidence, and created strategies based on reality. IMHO, they are a must read for anyone interested in the equities markets. Until there is real reform by the NYSE, SEC, and the government (in other words: never) his work will be timeless. He was one of the first to rally against NYSE specialists.
  6. John,

    I believe you are confusing Ney with Darvis.
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    Nicolas Darvas, we will get it right someday :p

    Ney was the man way ahead of his time
  8. thanks nk :)

    it's always dangerous when I stick my 2 cents in
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    "The Specialists are Preparing a Rally of Preposterous Proportions!"

    was his hook on those old FNN ads.
  10. Word.

    Things have changed a lot from his times though, but the basics of reading the NYSE tape still remains about how the specialist is about to do his next screw which is basically what he tries to teach. Although these slimebags have degraded themselves to penny fighting the daytraders and pathetic order execution abuse.

    Even with the NYSE soon to become a museum, Richard Ney's books are a great illustration of Wall Street croneyism.
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