Richard McCall's Trader Wargames and MasterQQQuest Seminars

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    On the wargames website, he claims that one can make money playing craps at the casino. If so, why hasn't he written a program to play these casinos OL? Then, he could afford to give his seminars away :D.
  2. I think I know a guy who has a friend that went there. I'll contact him today and ask him about it again. From what I recall, he said it was very good.

    In my posts occasionally I make reference to the correlation between trading and craps... and I don't mean that trading is a crapshoot in the colloquial manner.

    If you get a book from the library that teaches you how to play craps, and you draw a mini crap table at home and practice the prescribed methods, you will begin to see for yourself what you will be taught at a seminar.

    I'll post more when I hear from my friend.

  3. Innerworth interviewed him.
    Something seems off to me.
    It's easy he says, just trade the QQQ.
    Too easy to me.

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  5. When I was a kid I used to spend hours trying to come up with systems to beat craps. This went on for about a year but no matter how many times I did the calculations I could not come up with an edge. I finally understood what they mean when they say you cant add up minuses to come out plus. You cannot overcome a negative expectency over the long run. You can have a good run over the short term but if he claims you can make a living playing craps he is full of it which makes me very doubtful of anything else he preaches.
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    You don't need to do a year of study, just spend a few minutes in thought. Suppose there really was some system that would enable one to make money playing craps, and it was being widely disseminated - such that you had a copy. Which of the following two choices would you (as Casino Lord) make?

    A: Do nothing and take an ever increasing cut in your profits to support these people and their industry devoted to robbing casinos blind.


    B: Change the odds or the rules on craps to remove the edge, or remove craps altogether?