Richard Clarke ...Kachingo Baby!!!!

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  1. For those still unsure about the motives of backstabbing weasel Richard Clarke:

    April 10, 2004

    Sony takes on 'Enemies' for Clarke book

    By Gregg Kilday
    Sony Pictures has optioned film rights to Richard Clarke's nonfiction best seller "Against All Enemies: Inside America's War on Terror" for producer John Calley.

    "Enemies" -- which was published last month by the Free Press, a subsidiary of Simon & Schuster -- has been at the center of the current national debate about America's readiness to respond to terrorist threats before Sept. 11. Clarke, who was a counterterrorism expert in the administrations of both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, appeared before the 9/11 Commission the week the book was published. During that hearing, he testified that the Bush White House didn't consider terrorism "an urgent issue" in the months before the al-Qaida attacks on New York and Washington.

    His political memoir, currently in second place on's sales ranking, offers Clarke's assessment of the anti-terrorist efforts of the past four White Houses, all of which he worked in. "The book, written in a compelling, highly readable style, at times almost seems like a fiction thriller," reviewer John Moe wrote.

    Calley, who stepped down as chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment in the fall, is producing such films as Mike Nichols' "Closer," an adaptation of Patrick Marber's play about two couples that is scheduled for a December release, and the big-screen adaptation of the fiction best seller "The Da Vinci Code," along with producer Brian Grazer and director Ron Howard.

    Clarke was repped by ICM in the deal.
  2. I bet you can hardly wait until Sony makes a movie out of one of Coulter's books.

  3. Your partisan bullshit is really becoming quite boring.
    Remember what I said in my last post to you?
    Know the facts first, then make an intelligent statement.
    Is that so impossible for you?

    Richard Clarke has already stated ( on MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews ) that any significant profits from his bookdeal or movie deal will go to charity. In fact, I posted the statement here on ET about 2 weeks ago.
  4. If this were an insider writing a book about Clinton during the last administration, you'd be singing his praises and calling him a courageous defender of the Republic.

    You know you would...

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    Funny, when I saw him use the words "backstabbing weasel" I had the exact same thought. :D
  6. Money may well be a secondary motivation. His primary motivation was clearly revenge against the people who took away his White House pass and parking spot. As for his statement on Hrdball, I believe him. I also believe waxie will teach you to be a great trader, that MrMarket is the world's best stockpicker and that some stocks really do move in channels and all you have to do is buy when they are at the bottom and sell when they are at the top.
  7. I'm not holding my breath. It was enough to watch her dopeslap Katie Couric.
  8. Katie wasn't used to a dyke smiling like a princess and dolled up like a preppy.