Richard Bove : Goldman a $200 Stock, 'You Should Own It'

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  1. Goldman Sachs' problems are over after Tuesday's marathon Senate hearings and the stock is likely to rise, Rochdale Securities banking analyst Richard Bove told CNBC Wednesday.

    "I think the SEC suit will be thrown out of court, I think Goldman's reputation will improve," Bove said.

    Sure, Richard. It will "improve" your personal bank stock portfolio...
  2. schizo


    Is Bove rubbing elbows with that Goldman pooch, Abby "wanker" Cohen? Don't quote me on this, but I know she masturbates with those awful calls.
  3. If he feel GS is a bargain why not keep his mouth shut and buy all he can at bid?

    I wish TV pundits would ask these folks when they make these comments if they are buying the stock as of today. I would like to see what answers they give.
  4. nitro


    In fact GS is probably a $300 stock, if it and others of their kin are allowed to continue to play the game they have been playing with almost no regulation. To add jet fuel to their profitability, they have access to money at the FED window still at almost zero cost to borrow. Add to this that corporations pay almost no taxes, and well, you will be painting Lloyd Blankfein's toe nails for a living, or at least your children will be painting his children's toenails for a living.

    Come to think of it, maybe $300 is too low an estimate.
  5. S2007S


    This guy loves GS ad C.

    He has been hyping them up for weeks now!!!!

    Does he know something we dont.

    Everyone says do not worry about the problems that GS has, they will be washed away clean and they will still do what they do allowing them to make billions and billions of dollars.

    There is no such thing as failure in the new world today. It doesn't exist.
  6. With those "Record" profits why is GS not planning to buy back those 10% yield Preferred shares from Warren.

    They have not mentioned any plans to do so. GE has but not GS.
  7. Buffet is clearly not going to part with the preferred at par. Since I don't believe they are callable, once they pay the premium to buy them in there simply may not be any edge to retiring them.

    Now, if they had the right to buy them at par and decided to pay the rate that would mean something.

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    Bove has had quite a resume the past few years after Bill Punk stopped sucking his balls....this guy is unreal. Retire already you washed up old coot.
  9. Say what you will about Bove, but the fact is that he called the bottom in banks when EVERYONE said stay away. He also called a top when they stalled out and EVERYONE was pounding the table to buy them.

    So call him a schmuck if you wish but he does have some street cred.
  10. On the way down in 2008 he was a buyer of CITI at over $30. A bit premature if you are calling a bottom. He loved "the franchise".

    I have met him ... a very charming guy. A nice guy. But deadly on your wallet ... clueless. There is a reason he has changed firms a couple of times in the last few years

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