Rich Santelli is next to get beheaded

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  1. Santelli is next on Jon Stewarts chopping block. Jon Stewart told it like it is and asked all the right questions without pulling any punches..Santelli is living on borrowed time and he is seeking refuge on the floor in chicago. that fag will never fact the music and defend his ignorant comments..
    Santelli is a disgrace to the Italians.
  2. Santelli is the only one of the CNBC crowd who says things like they are instead of being a market-cheerleader...
  3. His rant expressed MY views on mortgage subsidies.. and who should pay for them.

    I'd rather see the homeless get a bit more help than "mortgage fraudsters" be subsidized to the tune of tens or hundreds of thousand dollars.

    So what if they "lose their home"?. Most got into the home with no money down, a gimmick loan and their "mortgage payment" was less than rent would have been.

    If they get foreclosed upon, it's not any different from having to move from a rental domicile because the landlord raised the rent and is no longer affordable... they really aren't out anything financially.

    So, why should taxpayers foot the bill so they can "stay in their homes"?.... Has a nice ring to it if you're a Liberal (and somebody else pays, of course), but financially it's all BS.
  4. Santelli's comments only seem ignorant if you're a deadbeat.
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    What he said
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    You are a disgrace to taxpayers, apparently you do not make much money or are a big beneficiary of the bailout. Living in a big house on our dime eh?

    I on the other hand DO pay a lot in taxes, am not receiving any money from the government (nor do I want any), and am pissed that my taxes are going up to pay to keep people in big houses they cannot afford.

    Santelli is a hero to me, he said it exacltly as I feel, and I know a lot of other people that say the same. Santelli needs to keep going, I want to be a part of the next tea party, where we teabag idiots like you. :D
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    Santelli would stand up to Stewart unlike Cramer. The word "pathetic" gets thrown around way too much, it perfectly describes Cramer's behavior on Stewart's show last night. He was truly pathetic. He cowared to Jon, refused to stand up for himself in any meaningful way and even promised to do things Jon's way in the future. As if Jon Stewart decides content for CNBC.
    Santelli on the other hand would show a spine, he would have the balls to back up his speech. I don't think Jon Stewart will ask Santelli on the show. But then again, if the Whitehouse tells him to, he must follow his marching orders!
  8. What they said
  9. Personal views aside, please answer this question honestly: Do you know the three specific criteria involved in determining who will be eligible for mortgage assistance? Yes or no?
  10. I think Stewart did try to get Santelli on, and he already snarked on Ricks rant. That said, Rick has nothing to hide from. Cramer otoh, has made wrong pick after wrong pic after wrong, and Stewart took him to task. Rick does not make picks like Cramer, but rather reports the sentiment from the floor and Chicago and stays consistent with his fiscal conservative beliefs. Just because he may not be popular, does not make him WRONG.

    Santelli forever, Cramer & Leisman never!
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