rich, famous, both, neither

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  1. what would you rather be rich, famous, both or neither ??

  2. omcate


    None of the above. Like to be rich, but not famous.

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  3. LOL, omcate. your choice would be #1--RICH !

  4. both..

    rich and just famous enough in my local pond, not the oceans. it would be nice to be able to go to the other side of the country and not many people recognize you. however, you can come home and all the local babes know who you are.

    F. P.
  5. gms


    Hmmm. In my former profession, I got some degree of recognition and people knew who I was. At first it was charming, and I soon learned that I was therefore always "on". It gets to be a nuisance when you can't eat your meal though because people want to talk to you, but it's nice that you have the power to make people feel special just by speaking to them and being gracious. To me, it was a responsibility. On the flip side, and speaking of eating meals, there was another time when I didn't have to wait in line at a restaurant and was given preferred treatment, and knew it was because they thought I was related to a famous actor (which I'm not). That was great. In the long run, I'd rather have the money, but with real fame also, you can accomplish some noteworthy projects.
  6. I have a friend that is a pretty famous movie actress.

    She will only go to California to do movies. She lives a quiet life with her family on a horse farm in Virginia.

    When she was young she wanted badly to be famous (she was from a rich family, so I don't think the money was ever a major factor).

    She told me that when she became recognizable, that it was very uncomfortable and very weird. She said people treated her like she was not a "person". She said the very first time she was aware of being recognized, early in her career, she was sitting in a car, parked by the curb while her friend ran into a store for a second. A bunch of girls saw her, and walked over and talked ABOUT her like she wasn't there, or couldn't hear. She said it totally weirded her out. She sought fame for so long, and has been avoiding being in the limelight ever since she achieved her goal.

    When I lived in Aspen, there were quite a few celebrities that lived there. It was very clearly understood by the locals that they all wanted no special attention. They all wanted their privacy respected. They seemed to disappear during the busiest times of the year for tourists (Christmas, Fourth of July, etc.). So they essentially did not go to restaurants were they would be seen, and "bothered" by tourists. They were generally unrecognizable on the mountain skiing. With hats, sunglasses/goggles, etc., people don't look like they do on TV or movie screens. I met Cher on a chairlift. We rode up together as two singles. I had no idea it was her until she laughed her very recognizable laugh. And this was when she was as recognizable as anyone could be....the Sonny and Cher Show was still a major TV hit at the time.

    Of course there are always exceptions. Lots of lame brained athletes and drug crazed rock stars crave the attention that "fame" can attract. And of course the "babes" that they could never get the time of day from if not for their celebrity status.

    How many women would Dennis Rodman "get" if not for being rich and famous? There are always women who will go for fame, no matter how much of a freak the famous person is.

  7. My Oh My You've quite the life rs7 ..

    Close friend to famous actresses,

    charming the likes of Cher on ski lifts..

    Played lead guitar with Allman Bros..

    Golf buddy Glenn Frye..

    trouble is, rs7..

    it's all in your pathetic little head.

    You make it up as you go along.

    You're fooling NO ONE!

    You LOSER.


  8. when i have a plan, i'm unstoppable.

    i'm in my 20s. my first main goal was to get in bowflex commercial shape. i have done that.

    another goal is trading. i am going to do this for the rest of my life and hopefully i will get better and better (i think i will).

    the worst part of trading, imo, is the isolation. it is no doubt THE way to make money, but it isn't the answer to everything.

    even before i had the slightest interest in the markets, music was one of my biggest interests. i've been playing guitar, bass, and drums since i was like 16. i am wicked good at all, but i would say i play guitar the most now.

    so now i'm trying to get a band going. the band is not for money at all. that is what trading is for. the band will give me something to do at night and a chance to meet new people. i don't need to be in a world famous band, although if that were to happen, so be it. if my band is just good in my area, that's enough to get what i want from it.

    anyway, that's what i'm up to...

  9. Andre



    I grew up in the beltway in Northern Virginia, but my folks retired out near the spendy Virginia Horse Country. They aren't horse people, themselves. But there are some celebs out there, for sure. You're near rich people and property, so it screens out the masses, and the towns are little enough and country enough that they understand most folks out there want to be left alone.

    My folks have never been big TV watchers, so it's funny that my
    Mom now tells me she goes to the same church as Willard Scott.

    Funny story, she was introduced to him at a church potluck and she was nonplused by his very warm, but seemingly practiced hello. However, an hour later he introduced someone to her, and he got my Mom's name, pronunciation (we anit no Smith or Jones) and biographical detail down. He hung on it. My mother is an etiquette queen. That he was able to remember and pronounce her name and tie in what little knew about her to introduce her to someone else an a hour later after meeting everyone there...?

    Now that impressed her. She is not an easy woman to impress.


  10. Banjo


    I'd like to be Santa Clause, go around making people happy and nobody wants to screw with you. Only working once a year ain't bad either.
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