Rich Dolphins.

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  1. Scientists have taught dolphins how to trade successfully using only 1hr candle rejection patterns on various FX markets. One Dolphin, called 'Zipper', went from having a bucket of fish and a $100 micro account, to owning his own fleet of trawlers and a chain of sushi bars within months.

    One scientist, called 'Mad Dog Harvey', said that none of the 10 dolphins were down on thier dough and that all were making huge gains week in week out.

    When scientists were asked why the dolphins seemed to make better traders than humans, one of them replied in a very unscientific way indeed....

    "The dolphins just don't seem to give a flying f*ck, they just do the do"

  2. In human speak it's called "discipline".
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    Sick of the GS dolphin goons. The council on ocean relations has taken control.
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  5. How many fathoms is Zipper placing his stops at?
  6. does he have a hedge fund?
  7. Zipper has testicles the size of a mans head, and has four mates (women dolphins). He wears a specially adapted Cartier watch on his left fin, and only wears 18ct gold specs for chart reading.

    Zipper does not use stops, because he does not know the value of them. He only knows when a market is reversing through PA and his timing is always right. Nothing phases, Zipper The Great.