"rich dad/ poor dad" Japanese guy now a TA guru

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  1. LMAO


    the article link includes some graphs

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    It shows the rich dad , poor dad book does not make good income for living anymore. Very soon we might see his wife writes a book on FOREX.
  3. He's a real POS like Trump. Oh wait, that's right they pitch their snake oil together on stage coast to coast.
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    "Gold dropped to a low of $252 in July of 1999. Obviously, I bought a lot of gold in 1999."
    Damn-this guy is a master trader-where do I sign up? :D
  5. Donald Trump is renting out his daughter if you don't like Kiyosaki...

    Or even better. she might rent out Trump.. its hard to tell at this point.

    Maybe you can live in his Toupe.
  6. had to check.. thats a real quote from the article!!!:eek:
  7. How obviously he bought the gold with trump after they come out of the casino.
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    no question he is a scumbag but ironically, he will probably be proven right. Is anyone else in the media saying this rally may not be real, and might even crash?

    everyone on et should buy this book.
  9. I watched a documentary on this guy's real estate seminars a little while back on a Canadian news channel (CBC). I was shocked at what I saw because I always thought this guy was a respectable business man. The opposite is actually true. The documentary went undercover and showed the utter and total BS they were selling (telling "students" to max out their credit cards to get money for real estate investing etc.). Robert even admitted on camera that the guys teaching these classes were scum and tried to explain that he was affiliated with the classes by name only and was trying to get out of the contract with the company teaching those classes. The very definition of a snake oil salesman.
  10. I saw an article somewhere that was basically showing pieces of his "advice" and how/why they were illegal.
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