Ric Keller commercial prove republican voters are imbeciles

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  1. Sitting here in Florida I was watching a ric keller(R) commercial. In it he criticizes his opponent for being TOO RICH and that Alan Grayson(D) is not one of "us".

    How wonderful is it that a member of the party that advanced the interests of the rich forever is suddenly concerned about the plight of "poor people". The thing that makes Alan Grayson "special" is that he is a trial lawyer. To republicans any occupation is more honorable than a trial lawyer. There is one reason for it and it is because trial lawyers stand against big business.
  2. No, the reason normal people, ie non-liberals, despise trial lawyers is that they are crooked parasites who have ruined our justice system.
  3. If an industrial company polluted groundwater underneath your house and you have a child with birth defects because of it I would like to see you live without "trial lawyers" This whole country would collapse immediately if not for lawyers.

    I like knowing that there is a mechanism for fighting back against corporations otherwise things like "Ford Pinto" would occur every day with no consequences.
  4. I abhor trial lawyers and Republicans equally.
  5. Republican voters are imbeciles because they will vote for an imbecile. They know Palin is a fool and yet they vote for her, which makes them a political fool. If Obama wins I'll do something that is usually painful and always useless, yes I'll have to turn on Hannity and Limbo and listen to them cry. They real basket cases will be the fool followers of these radio gurus.
  6. Oh yeah, if Obama wins it will be "my life is over" week of crying and whining on Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, Neal Boortz and other nutcases.
  7. Rule 1:

    Trust NOTHING that comes outta Florida.

  8. Funny but when it comes to the capitalist pariah of justice for money, you're suddenly a died in the wool free marketeer.
    Normally in your weird world view only the government is moral enough to run public health, education and research. Now you argue that instead of the DOJ one needs private practice attorneys working on a contingency basis to ill societies injustices.

    Is it safe to say you believe the following: A doctor should work for the State rather than a private health institution. A lawyer should be able to work for a privately held legal partnership and make millions suing doctors. :)

  9. It is safe to say that Republicans aren't happy unless their making up arguments of their enemies, 'cause they can't win against their enemies on any real ones.
  10. Strike a nerve Dave? Part of the socialized medicine privitized lawsuit brigade yourself?
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