RIAA is after Kazaa users big time now

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  1. If you've got Kazaa open and have music files in your shared folder, you just might be a target. What does everyone think of the latest news about the RIAA?
  2. sucks :D
  3. I do not think I have enough shared files to come under their scrutiny. They are going after the big boys first.
  4. How do they know you have downloaded?

    I predict a huge backlash against the music industry from this. They must feel their backs are totally up against the wall, OR, the entertainment companies may be worried about movie sharing down the road.

    Frankly, I think the industry brought this on themselves by charging extortionate prices and ripping people off for decades. I don't really see why musicians should make much beyond what they can generate from concerts, but the copyright law does give them the right to exploit copyrighted music, just like a book or movie.
  5. What happens if some teen is using a wireless connection that is open in his neighborhood? Will the unknowing access provider get the suit from RIAA?

    The RIAA has finally gone to that last ditch measure.
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  7. I don't understand what the RIAA intends to do with this situation. I'm sure there are hackers out there right now coming up with new P2P systems that either use one-time encryption or some type of IP filtering system -- perhaps through an anonymous proxy that doesn't keep logs.

    The RIAA should be focusing their resources to come up with a product that people are actually interested in buying, instead of taking one hit, throwing it on a CD and filling the rest with garbage.
  8. so Kazaa has ka-boom'd?

    these guys are desperate and are chasing all the sheep in the pen instead of the sheperd....
  9. No, it is still up and running.
  10. The music industry has failed miserably in morphing their business models to accomidate new technologies. Let all the chickens out of the coop and they are the ones whom left the gate open......

    I remember when the industry looked at cassette recorders as the devils tool to making free copies, then DAT was going to drive them under.

    They aren't so much interested in individuals having mp3's as they are that people are providing free access to the mp3's on their computers.

    I have a large vinyl collection, I've already paid for the right to possess the music. If I want it in digital format, and the music industry thinks I'm going to pony up for an update to a new format..... They can KISS MY ARSE!!!!!!!

    The music industry is in bad shape because of poor business practices, screwing artist and a number of other things. If you know someone who has recorded for a label just ask them about the ridiculous cost that are charged for basic items provided by the label. You think hospital pricing of incidentals is bad..... look out for the music industry prices.

    Losers brought this all on themselves.
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