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    Has anyone here gone through the process of becoming a registered investment advisor (RIA)? Just curious if anyone has any insights on the paperwork.
  2. Started it but never went through with it. Are you also referring to taking the Series 65?

    There is the paperwork for the NASD you fill out and file electronically I believe. Did not seem worth it so I kind of bagged the idea even though I started studying for the Series 65 (do not need a sponsor for it so anyone can sit for it).
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    You can take the series 66 instead. And you need to fill out a form ADV with your state if you have under 25 million. But I hear the paperwork is a pain in the ass.
  4. Yes, probably another reason I said @#$% it... but no more of a pain in the ass than the Series 7 paperwork.
  5. A wonderful exam which requires you to forget every logical and rational thought in your brain.

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    I have been considering an RIA for sometime. Check out
    http://www.ncsonline.com/. For about 2K-2500K they will set-up everything for you. Tell them what you want and they will email you a proposal.

    Good Luck
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    Same with the company that I used. Same pricing--around 2000 to get registered. Here is their website.