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  1. Moore is one of the scammers out there who will be caught again by the CFTC. He has several websites to include neweratrader.com, tradequestsystems.com, magicdots.com, rhythmof markets.com and who knows what else - all designed to capture the newbie, inexperienced wanna-be traders to sucker them in for thousands of dollars. Every time he fails at one website, he starts another. Now he's even changed his name from "Ed" to "Stan". What a joke.

    I contacted several of his "testimonial" references from his website for a group who's looking for a solid mentor/system. All they could come up with is a lot of bullshit about his "system" and couldn't produce a single brokerage statement to substantiate their claims.

    Obviously, he has people on the payroll to promote his crap. He neither trades nor can produce any results. He's apparently hawking his chatroom in the hope of finding a few suckers to pay a monthly fee to support him.

    The industry should make an effort to put these guys down once and for all. One more bad apple in a barrel full of them.
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  2. Rhythm of the Markets must be pulling them in. Every month, he has sizable ads in several trading mags, including Futures, Tech Anal of S&C. These mags charge quite a bit for his ads (likely over a $1000+ a month per mag, so he must be reeling in enough newbies to pay the costs and them some.
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  3. Actually, I found him through his ads in S&C. Have no idea how he suckers them in - must be a good salesman which probably makes him a lousy trader, if he trades at all.

    Hope the CFTC cleans all these guys up again.
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  4. I happened to get an email from Onlinetraders central and who do I see on the list??? None other than the infamous Stan/Ed whoever Moore and "New Era Trader".

    I signed up for the "event" just to see what he was hawking now. Turns out "he doesn't make his living selling systems or webinars" - yeah, Stan/Ed you're a multi zillionaire who just needs to keep himself occupied!!

    What a jerk.
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