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  1. I have the option of Buying the Rhythm of the Markets Futures Course at a discount from a Trader I know.He Trades the S&P E-mini's and average 15-20 PTS a day trading the System.Do any Traders on this Forum Trade the System or know any Traders that trade it.The website is www.rhythmofthemarkets.com
  2. Why does this feel like a reverse-psychology sales pitch?
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    Actually, I've heard from a friend of a friend that this course outright sucks. I wouldn't waste my money on it. In fact, I think my friend said that his friend tried to get his money back but was never able to.

    I don't know, it isn't a firsthand account -- but I would avoid them!
  4. This isnt a reverse-psychology sales pitch,I havent got anything to do with the company.It is a genuine question because I am considering buying it.
  5. Anyone who says 20 points a day ... I just tune that crap out. You have no idea how hard it is for me to average 4 points and that's on paper!!
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    aphexcoil-- you are right. First of all twenty points a day on how many cars. This question sure appealed to the greed factor so it does seem suspicious. What would twenty points a day mean. 100 percent of the range per day. I would sure like to be able to talk to a person who could trade that efficiently because I doubt they learned it in one course. I have been trading almost everyday since the end of 1995 and I while I have not kept a stat I would bet there were less then 10 days where I made more points trading than stock moved from high to low. I believe it is even harder lately to accomplish such a task. Now that doesn't mean that I do not think other traders could do better than the range of their stock on good trading days but to be able to do that on the spoos would take a really good trader in my opinion. But if anyone has better information please post.
  8. I am new to trading but I am not totally naive so thats why I am trying to find out from other Traders what the systems like.I dont want to waste money.I dont know if 15-20 PTS a day is good/brilliant/okay or impossible.
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    If we're talking about points per contract then it's beyond impossible. Seriously. Now as Jem alluded, if the guy is trading 20 lots at a clip, sure. But then you have commission costs. Eat you up pretty quick on short, short term trades. IMO you need some more specific info from this trader you know.
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