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    I don't know what it is or what it's used for but I do know I want to buy some.

    Anyway to play this other than a $400 commission at Kitco.


    Does anyone know any PGMs company producing a significant amount of Rhodium?
  2. Contact the CME and ask them to list a futures contract for it. :cool:
  3. why???
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    You can buy rhodium places. Type in rhodium in alibaba and you will see. It is sold powder form obviously for it's primary purpose of plating.

    There are also a few companies specializing in specialty metals that produce rhodium reagents and rhodium in solid form for catalyst reactions and such.

    But I am sure if you buy from any of them they will make $400 commissions at kitco look like peanuts. And good luck selling the stuff later for a good price if it appreciates. Probably your best bet is powder as it is a more liquid asset and can be easily sold to jewelers without much trouble.