RGM Advisors in Austin

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  1. Hi,

    Does anyone have any experience or know anything about RGM Advisors in Austin?

    Obviously secretive place but curious if anyone has any idea of AUM, historical returns, strategies used, etc...


  2. rmb623


    Quant Strategies. They think they are the greatest thing since slice bread. Usually only hire PHD's form top schools. No idea about AUM. Pretty difficult to get in from what I have heard. Unusually difficult interview process for a prop firm. I think they see themselves as the next Ren Tec or something.
  3. lrm


    No AUM. Trade their own money.
  4. Very very SHARP group here in downtown Austin playing the full tilt quant game......better have your pocket protector with a slide rule sticking out for your interview at this operation! :D
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  6. stoxmann


    Since you are local--do you know anything about Kershner?

    My son is at Lackland AFB and I may visit them while stopping in to see my son.

    Usual questions--reputation? leverage? how much deposit? S7?

    Would like a bit of background before I talk with them directly from someone in the area.

    Thanks in advance!!

  7. I have to say their office is VERY nice - floor to ceiling windows with beautiful views of downtown Austin and plenty of natural light coming in...

    word is their comp is not the best and that they have been losing some people recently

    but they do have a nice operation and seem to be _the_ player in Austin...if not all of Texas...