RGIII doesn't show up! What a surprise!

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    How long ago did I call this one? Lots of media hype. Lots of TV endorsements. Little production to show for it. RGIII is a poor pocket passer with average running ability and is injury prone. The option works in college, not in the NFL. He does not have the skill sets to run anything more complicated than a college offense.

    I have a hunch. Danny Snyder was the one who drafted RGIII. Danny Snyder wanted the name of RGIII, and the hype of RGIII and somehow in his imaginary world he thought RGIII would pan out to be a great superstar. Shanahan said "Hey Bozo, RGIII is a fraud, I am going to draft Kirk Cousins, because RGIII will blow up in your face!" When RGIII could not play against Cleveland and Cousins had to step in, it actually opened up the playbook. If you are a rookie QB and a fellow rookie QB backs you up, and he can run the playbook better than you, then you should be embarrassed.

    So lets review what happened. When RGIII played they ran Alfred Morris hard and depended on him to win them games. When Cousins played, they played a pure passing game, letting the QB do his job.

    Now all RGIII has left are excuses and blaming other people. His apologists in the media are making excuses for him and that's all we will hear till next year.
  2. LOL, you are such a baby! He got just as far as your man-crush Luck did. The ONLY knock on RGIII is his propensity towards injury. Take that away, and he is an outstanding talent.

    Really starting to think your rants are racially motivated. You seem to ignore RGIII's over 100 QB rating and 4/1 TD to INT ratio and over 800 yds rushing.

    Oh, and FYI, RGIII had a higher QB rating in his game today than Luck did, you know, the same theme that persisted the entire season :p
  3. Yeah, leading your team to a 10-6 record, and winning the NFC east as a rookie is nothing. Yup, you SURE know what you are talking about...LMFAO!

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    First of all, the NFC East was a complete joke this year. No big accomplishment there. There are 8 teams left in the playoffs and none of them are from the NFC East. I wonder why. Second of all, RGIII left the Baltimore game and the skins were down so at best he was 7-7. .500 ain't impressing me especially when the Redskins game plan is run,run,run...

    The dude threw for 84 yards today. 84 freakin' yards. This is a passing league. You can't go into a playoff game and think you will pass for 84 yards and win. The Redskins drafted Cousins for a reason. Can you figure out what that reason was?
  5. Did you even WATCH the game. He threw 2 tds passes in the first qtr and then re-injured his knee. He should have been taken OUT of the game at that point. Even on one knee he still played better than Luck did with two healthy knees (77.5 vrs 59.5 QB rating).

    Your previous thread about RGIII you said basically the same thing before the season started and yet are still sticking to your guns even though RGIII put up tremendous numbers and led his team to 7 straight wins and a playoff birth. You are still acting as if the season hasn't even started yet.

    Dude, I don't know if you have a thing against black people or black QB's but to give Luck all this praise and trash RGIII when they both went just as far in the playoffs and RGIII played much better statistically than Luck did, is just plain crazy. You are clearly not a rational judge of talent.

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    I am very good judge of talent. Who got picked first? What were the records of the two QBs? Who had more passing yards? Who played in a better division?

    He did not lead his team to 7 straight wins. That NEVER happened.

    Who said anything about his race?
  7. The NFC East was the better division, half of the teams in the AFC south had 6 wins or less!! The NFC east only had 1 team with less than 6 wins.

    You're a terrible judge of talent because you keep ignoring all the evidence that shows that RGIII was the better QB this year and leading a team to their first division title in 13 years is a big accomplishment, especially for a rookie. Luck couldn't even win his own division!

    RGIII had better overall stats than Luck, period. More yds....yeah because he threw the ball 50 times a game and couldn't even muster an 80 QB rating while RGIII was over 100. RGIII was way more efficient.

    What does race have to do with it? Oh i don't know, it's either you are blind to reality or have something against black QB's. Nothing else makes any sense with you.

  8. The Skins drafted Cousins because RGIII's one Achilles heal is his propensity towards injury. NOTHING to do with lack of talent.

    I'd like to see how many yds you would be able to throw for if your push off knee gets busted in the first qtr and you continue to play the game. Seriously, try throwing a football with a bad knee, it's nearly impossible to throw accurately or with anything on it. RGIII should have been taken out of the game then.

    PS How many TD passes did a healthy Luck throw yesterday? An ailing RGIII threw 2.

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    Luck had the most passing yards by a rookie QB EVER. There is just no logical way you can make the case that RGIII will have a better career than Luck.
  10. ROFL, get a life. Is someone paying you to get this worked up? Hey I love the NFL and more specifically the PACKERS!!!!! tHE GREATEST TEAM EVER!!!!!
    At the same time get real, there have been any number of "game changing qb's" and yet the NFL seems to be a sport that requires both offense and defense to be successful. Peyton, Eli, Aaron, RGB, Tom, none have won every year they have been in the league.
    Quit wasting life on worshipping pro athletes.
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