RFX - when and at what price will it open?

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  1. Is this thing worth anything?
  2. I'm going to say $4-5 if they are gettign bids in the 800mil range.
  3. im .50 for 20K, 1 bid for 10K
  4. Did a little research, the company has 127,500,000 shares outstanding, the market cap at halt of 7.9 gives it a value of 1billion. it sold futures brokerage for 780 million. i dont know how else to value it.

    who is a reorg expert here.
  5. Thats what i did and came up with a $6 ish max theoretical value. I have no idea if this is right but it makes sense. However I wouldnt be surprised if they figured it out in a way to completely fuck the shareholders.
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    RFX has over $1 billion in debt which needs to be paid off first. The equity is worthless.

    Probably open somewhere in the $1 range, as shorts cover and people try to buy it for a quick flip.
  7. nassau


    is also interested the company gets to keep I believe 20percent.

    I just heard on squawk box that others are contesting and looking for a chance to bid.

    Any idea if and when it will open and where?
    My other concern is that once opened a lot of traders will sell to cut losses which could drive the stock lower...
    Me I am caught "big time" a few dollars won't make any difference here so I am going to wait and see where it goes..

  8. i will buy 10K @ 1; 20K @ .5
  9. delphi is up 100% from its pink sheet lows and gm is now 30 from 24.40, so there is value somewhere for this company, just dont know where yet.
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