REW's Black Box Equity System: will be posting picks and P/L

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  1. I have discerned a truly unbelievable system for US equities. My propritary system churns out stocks selection every month. The average holding period is 18 days or less. The system could very easily be a complete black box! I have trading parameters that makes this system TOTALLY emotionless!

    Let me give you some background on this system, and what I am trying to do by creating this journal. First and foremost, let me get it on the table how and where I discerned this system! I was in a position that afforded me an unlimited amount of "free" time. I was incarcerated in a federal prison! With that being said, I have "paper traded" this system for over 4yrs while ascertaining the rules. Since I have "background" issues, I am unable to trade via the prop shop route. So, I am looking for a partner(s) in getting this system kicked off! I am currently selling my monthly selections to one person, and it looks like I have picked up two more people for this coming month! I am hoping someone will see this journal become a believer in the system and we can figure out a way for everyone to make money!

    For this month (April), my system will be buying on Tuesday the 19th at the opening bell.
    Here are the trading parameters:
    Buy "market at the opening bell".
    Upside rules: from the purchase price, 10% up is a trigger to activate a 5% trailing stop.
    Downside rules: a stop loss is place 5% below the purchase price. If stopped out, then go short w/ new 5% protection above. And then the same rules as the upside: from the short price, 10% down is a trigger to activate a 5% trailing stop.

    Here are the positions I'll be taking:
  2. ROI % 2%

    Not sure how to attach an excel attachment.... pm/email me for info and I'll forward you all the numbers.
  3. The same system, on the option play did this today:

    Front month: up 33%
    Back month: up 34%

    I dont have set trading rules for the option side, that's what I am currently working on.
  4. I’ve learned the best way to trade is to take the emotion out of it. This system looks promising. I will give it a try this month. Thanks...
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    All but 2 of these stocks are bubble stocks. I don't buy a stock that has already gone parabolic. I learned that the hard in in 1999/2000. It worked for a while and then it didn't work. You may get some coin from this but these stocks aren't going to up forever. Many look ready to correct right now.

  6. Looks like momo. No big secret there. All those stocks are in play right now. You're kind of late to the party btw.
  7. My system is monthly. I would never hold these any longer! DANG hit the 10% trigger today as well.......
  8. If being late gets me 2% on day one of the system I'll take it! DANG ....... its a system.... and its works!
  9. Whatever works. Obviously late to me may be just on time for you and vice versa. We'll see how it does over time.
  10. Very true........... PM me, be more than happy to show you more numbers! This system really is crazy! Sometimes it will throw of a position that has gone up 10% previous day, and I think okay dont take it........and then it would move another 10%! That's why over time these set rules I have seem to work. I really can't explain it, but just watch.... I'll be posting the #'s here for the next few months

    Look at AGQ gap up this morning! WHen will this thing stop?LOL! This is the second month in a row it hit!
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