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    Who we are

    We are your ghetto neighbors, we were raised in families that taught us nothing about respect and dignity. We are thousands of obnoxious and rude security officers, inspectors, directors, air marshals and managers who in the name of protecting the nation's transportation systems will insult you and your family in front of others and yourself. We look for bombs inside everything and every part of your body, we are paranoid, delusional and brain washed to think that every part of a human being and his belongings are bombs.

    For Travelers

    You should arrive at the airport 8 hours before departure and should not carry anything but required items like passport and ticket, you must know that we are inefficient, slow and mentally irresponsive. We are good at wasting your time even to the point of you not being able to get to your flight.

    What We Do

    We harass.
    We insult.
    We disrespect.
    We threaten.
    We hate.
    We treat you as if you are animals.
    We waste your time far beyond what you can think is legal.
    We waste your tax money on doing what the terrorists always wished they could do to you.

    Join Us

    If you have applied for any job including working as a bathroom cleaner at McDonald's but have been rejected then apply by clicking on the link below. The only requirement is being a US Citizen, those with attitude and mental problems are preferred.
  2. Excellent, and yet another reason not to fly.
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    yesterday I was harassed by two TSA officers simultaneously, one Hispanic male around 19 years old and one obese female maybe 18 years old, when asked to speak with their supervisor, the female called for two police officers as backup, treating me as if I was a criminal or something for asking to speak with a supervisor ...

    I don't want to go on with the rest of the story, it's too long, but basically they let me off 5 minutes before take off on purpose (after holding me for over an hour for nothing), I barely made it by running from the security port to the plane. All this for nothing, it didn't make sense, I hardly had anything on me but passport, ID, wallet and some pieces of paper, including prints of my e-ticket.
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    actually another reason to not fly in the Police States of America, the second airport I've seen that comes anywhere close to being as shitty as American airports in security checks is the German airports
  5. Many years ago when I was flying, crapheads put bombs in their mothers luggage and nobody cared. You could bring anything on board and nobody checked. Which is worse? Now or then?
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    I've flown years ago too, I don't remember a time when you could bring a bomb and nobody cared, is that the logic you and your type use when you want to deal with your conscience regarding treating people like crap. Is that what is happening in countries that don't have a TSA. If what you are saying is what you really want I hope you live a humiliating yet secure life.

    Quote - We will rape you and your life in the name of security, now go figure?!
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    so your logic reads so long as you are kept alive who cares how you are treated, let this be you and your generations future; let your wishes come true;


    and that in front of you be the tsa smiling in your face for being able to bring security to your life
  8. Sorry to hear, I'd like to hear what you mean by being harrassed, just what did they do??

    Anytime I fly, of which I try to avoid as much as possible, I ALWAYS make it a point to put my shoes and feet up on their table and tie the laces with my feet on their table, once I pass through the metal detector. I take my time doing this as well and will not be hurried through.

    June 25, 2008

    THE Transportation Security Administration, the bureaucracy in charge of hassling passengers at airport checkpoints, is dressing its screeners in blue shirts and badges that mimic police uniforms.

    This has real cops up in arms. Capt. Walter May, head of Cleveland's chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police, told The Plain Dealer: "Travelers need to know who the real police are for safety reasons . . . [and] during emergencies."

    But the TSA doesn't listen to cops.

    Indeed, it's hoping the new look "will convey authority" because "some of our officers aren't respected."

    Gee, TSA agents get no respect? Most passengers could tell the agency that this has nothing to do with clothes and everything to do with grown adults acting as if water bottles will blow up planes.

    Of course, the TSA doesn't listen to passengers, either.

    The shirts and badges debut at an interesting point in the agency's history. It recently installed body scanners at JFK - machines that strip victims virtually. Anyone who steps into the scanner's portal appears naked on its monitor.

    The TSA claims that leering at us in our birthday suits lets screeners "detect" contraband "quickly, unobtrusively and without physical contact." It calls the technology "a promising alternative to the physical pat-down."

    Yet cooperating with this striptease doesn't mean you won't also get groped. Screeners still conduct a hands-on investigation of any "anomalies" a scan turns up - especially humiliating to passengers with body jewelry, implants or a prosthesis.

    But the agency assures us that its contraptions "enhance security without diminishing the personal privacy of passengers." Right. People pay good money for porn precisely because such explicit images "diminish personal privacy."

    Millimeter-wave scanners now lurk at almost a dozen airports nationwide for use on passengers "selected" for the dreaded "secondary screening." But the agency plans to ramp that up to all airports and all 2 million daily passengers.

    In other words, the TSA will strip you every time you zip from LGA to LAX - or even to Albany.

    It pretends that this is what it takes to ferret out the terrorists crowding airports these days - though no screener anywhere has caught a single one in the TSA's six-year career.

    Hence, the uniforms: If the agency's employees are ogling naked people all day, it had better dress them like cops, lest passengers mistake them for Peeping Toms.

    Another TSA defense: The new uniforms "reflect the seriousness of screeners' duties." Maybe Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt should give badges and blue shirts a try.

    To soothe cops, TSA Deputy Administrator Gale Rossides promises that the agency (probably) won't ever entrust screeners with actual police powers: "We coupled the badges with the communications training to make it clear to our officers that they're there to facilitate our passengers."

    Now there's news: The TSA "facilitates passengers." How, exactly?

    Actually, given that "enhanced security" means seeing us naked, it's probably better not to know.

    Becky Akers is writing a book about the TSA.

    This was in the NY Post today
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    I go through the airport once every few months, so I know what you are talking about, even though that is harassment too, I am referring to more than that; because of all the crap they make you go through, I hardly take anything with me, so I passed through the metal detector without anything on me, yet they make me stand in the glass unit for 10 minutes, after that they pull me to the side, ask me to hold my hands up so they can try and detect something with their hand held metal detectors, the guy does that and there is nothing, so he says now I'm going to pad on your body, and I'm going to pad with the back of my hands on your sensitive parts, now I've been holding my hands straight out for over 15 minutes, after he is done, I drop my hand, then like three TSA officers shout simultaneously "hold your hands straight out", I'm like wtf I thought you were done with your crap, after that since I had hardly anything on me they start going through every small paper in my bag, in my wallet, every business card, credit card, they start putting these cards on the table as if they are going to play cards with them, then they put my shoes, belt and empty bag, two more times (3 in all) through the x-ray machine (if that is not paranoia and mental illness then what is?), all along they were asking all these questions and I am answering every fucking retarded question they have, they ask personal unrelated questions, like how old are your kids? how long have you been married?, almost anything they could pull out of their gay ass. At some point the girl starts asking annoying questions,
    'are you mad?'
    -'no, I'm not mad, I'm exhausted'
    'is there a problem?'
    at this point I decide to try and cut this crap
    -'no, but I want to speak to your supervisor'
    'I'll show you a supervisor'

    it's like trying to talk to a drug addict, I wouldn't be surprised to know the girl was a pothead, she definitely looked and acted like one

    even in the end when their supervisor came, he didn't make sense either, and eventually he closes his nonsense statements with; do you understand, now?

    basically it is giving authority beyond requirement and without proper supervision to people off the street

    I don't know how familiar you are with third world governments, but basically this is the type of crap you find in them, pathetic and disrespectful people are given authority over people with dignity and respect, usually this is done on purpose to create fear of government among the average person
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