Rewards For Americans. The Good And The Bad

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    The Good:

    The FBI says they are offering $10 million for information leading to the arrest of two Americans who are suspected of working with terrorists in Somalia.

    The State Department said Wednesday $5 million each will be rewarded for information leading to the capture of al-Shabab members Omar Shafik Hammami and Jehad Mostafa, both of whom are on the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists List. Al-Shabab is an Al Qaeda affiliate based in Somalia.

    A senior FBI official tells Fox 5 both men allegedly “had a persistent interest in targeting U.S. interests” and are “believed to be involved in planning attacks on U.S. persons or property."

    However, the official declined to state what, if any, attacks or thwarted attacks the Americans are believed to have been involved in.

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    The Bad:

    Nearly a year before signing the nation's most stringent gun control measure into law, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo launched a hotline that allows state residents to report illegal gun owners in exchange for a $500 reward.

    The measure is part of a four-pronged approach established by the governor's office to reduce gun violence in urban communities, according to

    New Yorkers can call the "Gun Tip Line" if they believe someone they know has an illegal gun. Hotline calls are answered by state police and tips are referred to local law enforcement, the station reported.

    “This initiative seeks to turn neighbor against neighbor and use their own tax dollars to pay for the $500 reward,” Republican Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin told the station.

    The gun measure outlaws the purchase of any magazines that carry more than seven bullets, the nation's most stringent limit. That would have put a severe limit on the sale of guns with industry-standard 10-bullet magazines when the provision of the law went into effect April 15.

    "There is no such thing as a seven-bullet magazine. That doesn't exist, so you really have no practical option," Cuomo said. He told reporters that any suggestion this will be a rollback of the law is "wholly without basis."

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    Next time The One goes there, we should all call and report the secret service guys. ;)
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    True, they will be in violation of NY law unless they've added a provision for national or other state police forces.

    That would be funny to see the stand-off. "Give us your weapons." - "No, you give us your weapons!" :D