"Reward not failure; punish not success."

Discussion in 'Economics' started by saxon, Nov 11, 2008.

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    An Obama quote? Well, the second part is...in his conversation with none other than Joe the Plumber!

    "I do not want to punish success", Obama said.

    So my question to prez-elect Obama is...why reward FAILURE, with these massive handouts to institutional Wall Street whore houses!?!

    Why not support the multitude of moderate banks who have tried hard to be frugal while still remaining competitive with the rest of the banking world on crack, and let the losers and the gamblers FAIL!

    The US TRSY and the FED could take over (for a time) the functions of those institutions who gambled and lost, and gradually shift the burden to those institutions who have proven themselves responsible.

    It is the lamest of modern-day extortion schemes that is inherent in the current pitch to Congress and the American people, "Give me my billionaire retirement, OR FACE DEPRESSION II." :eek:

    WE THE PEOPLE need to say to the selfish losers, "FUCK YOU!! DIE PENNILESS."

    It might not be the conciliatory, bipartisan note that Obama is seeking to strike right now. But just ask Darwin; it's no good preserving bad genes.
  2. Simple. The goal is to wipe out all regional banks and further concentrate deposits in a few big banks thus giving them more leverage and power to manipulate the money supply thru the magic of, yes, fractional reserve banking.

    This then makes it much easier to engineer booms and busts which of course the insiders have advance notice of and thus can position themselves accordingly