Reward for OSama's location?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by liltrdr, Sep 21, 2001.

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  1. I'll give $5 for him...but he's gonna have to mow my lawn for it...
    #21     May 29, 2002
  2. If Kim Schmitz wasn't a scam that really would have been cool as hell. This whole thing reminds me of the DOD and DOJ people who recruit hackers at the HoHoCon hacker conferences. They are there ever year saying "work for us, work for us".
    #22     May 29, 2002
  3. Cesko


    First, it seems to me a common sense. Otherwords, not a smallest bit of information of his whereabouts for such a long time!
    Second, being able to read news from complete different source of information (not English) and compare the notes. It's fascinating (and scary) how American news outlets are united in ignoring certain news and, on the other hand, feeding the same non-sense to people.
    Of course I cannot be sure of his death. But as well, when they decide to inform you about it, you won't have a proof no matter what they tell you.
    By the way there was a news long time ago, completely ignored in the U.S., about about his death, burial with special care taken to destroy evidence(remains) so Americans don't get the satisfaction of proof of his expiration.
    (They have never found Hitler's body either.)
    #23     May 29, 2002
  4. very interesting.......sure would like to see that article that was ignored in the US...know where to find it.....

    seems to me like he could be anywhere in the World.

    I'd like to for him to be captured alive then thrown in C- block....know what i mean..

    #24     May 29, 2002
  5. wild


    he´s well and alive ... and free back in Germany
    #25     May 29, 2002
  6. Mike777


    If Osama turned up in my garden shed I could overpower him and get a 25M reward.
    I checked: he ain't there. Bummer.
    #26     May 29, 2002


    "he´s well and alive ... and free back in Germany"

    Who are you rooting for in this mess? Your previous post expressed such sympathy for the people of Afghanistan. Are you from the States?
    #27     May 29, 2002
  8. hey,

    thanks for posting that link. that guy lives the life.


    surf:cool: :cool:
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