Reward for OSama's location?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by liltrdr, Sep 21, 2001.

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  1. liltrdr


    Okay, this might already have been done. But how about pooling money to create a bounty for Osama Bin Laden? I mean it's a simple idea but it might work. Think about it.
    Afgans are, on the whole, poor and starving. They are tired of war and really don't want to fight the U.S.
    The Taleban is really a loose confederation of tribes and some of them know where Osama is. Also, they might not be associated with Osama's terrorist group. They only harbor him because he's a fellow muslim. Not all are loyal followers.
    A lot of Afgans and some in the Taleban may not agree with Osama's views and probably value their country's safety more than harboring a maniac terrorist. If America invades Afghanistan with ground forces, they stand zero chance of winning. It is not like any superpower is supporting them.

    What does this have to do with trading? Some traders are very well off. There are some really succesful people in the business. Maybe there's a million dollar earner in your office. Maybe you're one. If you gather 10K from 100 people, that's a million. Or it could be 5K from 200. Doesn't matter. The end result is a large bounty. Also there are some proprietary trading bigshots like Mr. Weissman who read these boards. Some of you guys have met and know Mr. Bright. Why not ask him to chip in? If there is already a bounty for Osama, any funds gathered can be added to it, thus raising the pot.

    I'm not saying this is a magic bullet. I'm not that naive. However most followers of Osama are not wealthy. They're disenfranchised and poor. Osama gives them a purpose. But if just one of them decides to say "screw this" and wants an out, this might just influence his decision. Remember, even Jesus was sold out. I just think there is a better solution than a massive ground invasion. My brother will soon be entering the armed forces and maybe somebody you know will be too. Why not end this quickly? That's the end of my rant. Any input on this is appreciated.
  2. Turok


    There's been a 5 Million dollar reward on his head from the Feds for several years now.

  3. has been raised to a 100. (read something somewhere)
  4. This guy is offering $ 10 million for the capture of Osama Bin Laden....

    Hacker Offering $10Mil For Bin Laden Gets Death Threats

    By Ned Stafford, Newsbytes
    19 Sep 2001, 9:32 AM CST

    Kim Schmitz, the flamboyant former German hacker who last week offered a $10 million reward for the capture of suspected terrorist Osama Bin Laden, is offering his hacking services to international authorities to fight terrorism.

    Schmitz, now a millionaire and CEO of Kimvestor AG, also revealed that he has received numerous death threats because of his reward for Bin Laden, a Saudi-born millionaire suspected of being the driving force behind the last week's deadly attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.

    In an impassioned plea on his Web site addressed "to governments around the world," Schmitz writes: "We cannot allow terrorism to destroy our modern civilization. The killing of innocent people worldwide must come to an end."

    Schmitz adds: "I am searching for a government that allows my network of skilled computer hackers and I to fight terrorism through the online world."

    He added: "My teams and I know what to do. We can find the bank accounts of terror organizations, track their transactions, find sleepers and stop the spreading of calls for terrorist attacks through the Internet."

    In a second letter on his Web site titled "My Letter To The World, Schmitz said: "We must do something NOW. In a few years terrorists will have nuclear and biological weapons and they won't kill 5,000, but 5 million people with one strike."

    Schmitz, 27, of Munich, started hacking as a teenager and spent time in prison for his 1998 conviction for cracking computers to steal telephone calling codes from several companies.

    After serving time, he started a data security business and says he has worked for Fortune 1000 companies worldwide.

    He told Newsbytes he has eight hackers, including himself, on his team, and they would donate their time free of charge.

    Schmitz, who is sometimes accused of being press hungry and often is pictured in tabloids beside expensive cars and with scantily clad women hanging onto to him, insists that his offer to fight terrorism is not a PR prank or an effort to make money.

    On his Web site he writes: "I am not asking for business, I don't want money, all I want is a place on this earth from where we can work on this legally. We can help prevent the slaughtering of lives of US and NATO soldiers."

    He added: "To those who think this is some sort of PR activity, please wake up. This has nothing to do with PR. My own life is in danger; I have received emails and calls from people wanting to kill me. What kind of PR is that?"

    He told Newsbytes that he had received eight threats that he considers as "serious life threats." Six were communicated via e-mail and were sent with e-mail addresses from Middle Eastern domain names, such as ".ae" for United Arab Emirates. And two were telephone calls, which he thinks came from Saudi Arabia.

    When asked whether he had taken security measures for protection, he said: "I am working on this."

    In an interview last week with Newsbytes, Schmitz said he did not know his value. But today he said his net worth is more than $100 million.

    He indicated that wealthy people have a duty to fight terrorism and what he called "poorness in third world countries."

    "Those rich people that are blind to what is going on at the moment will probably lose everything they have by doing nothing," he said. "What are their (stock) shares worth if terrorists use nuclear weapons in their next strike against the USA?"

    Kim Schmitz's Personal Web Site:

    Letter to governments around the world:

    Reward For Osama Bin Laden:

    Kiminvestor Home Page:

    Reported by, .
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    This is a man that our government needs to take very seriously about putting his talents to work for good. I'm glad that this guy is speaking out about this.
  6. MegRean


    sorry, but Kim Schmitz is only a self-appointed hacker legend.
    He suffers total self overassessment and this is only a further action to bring his former glamour back upon the headlines since several projects he wanted to make profit from failed.

    e.g. he heavily promised to save by supporting it with money ... he didn't succeed
  7. Satan


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