Revolutionaries Entering Tripoli

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  1. Aljazeera is reporting that Gaddafi's son has been captured in Tripoli, after his presidential guards have surrendered.
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    Who listens to that shit?
  3. (that is where I got the information).

    Could it be that they know that znn report lies or does not have men to report from the field so they have to pay Aljazeera to get the truth from the ground?
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    Could it be that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

    I doubt it dumb ass.

  5. You are right TJ.......Gaddafi himself has been captured.
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    He hasn't been captured.

    I am very conflicted about Muamar Ghadaffi.

    I believe he is responsible for the Lockerbie bombing. He has got to pay for that. But I also want to see him make a fool of Barrack Obama, NATO and our eurotrash allies.

    My prediction is that he'll take a short helicopter flight to Tunisia or Italy and live out the rest of his life in luxury with access to billions in hidden funds.

    Not sure how I feel about that yet.
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    Yeah the press is already reporting that there will be a big drop in the price of oil because of this. Of course there is a zero percent chance that the rebels will split into several factions and begin killing each other as Libya continues to be to chaotic for years to come. Such an event happening in a Muslim country has absolutely no historic precedence.
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    Cut off your nose to spite your face? Very mature.
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    Have you ever watched it?
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    We need to leave MG and his trusty companion, Ass-aaad, alone. We just can't seem to mind our own buliness. When left ot their own devices, they're quite capable of killing each other ... er ... settling their own differences without outside help ... er interference. Had they only been able to get their hands on a few mini-guns, this dynamic duo could have ... resolved all the issues with the rebels in very short order!!!
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