Revolution coming with next meltdown

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  1. Americans are not going to put up with the "Wall Street Conspiracy" ripping off investors and taxpayers much longer. Wall Street got rich sticking us with mountains of debt for generations to come.

    Expect a major house-cleaning, a second American Revolution. We predicted the "Great Depression 2" around 2012. Well, we doubt taxpayers will passively sit one more time, like in the 1930s, in 2000, and the past few years. Next time voters will take a page from the history books about past revolutions in the American Colonies, France and Russia. A perfect storm will erupt in a massive global credit meltdown, bringing down Wall Street and the clandestine $670 trillion shadow central banking system. And the collateral damage will be massive and widespread, in areas such as these:

    Lobbyists' power is lethal to our values. Special interests are running and destroying American democracy, will self-destruct.

    Derivatives: Cap 'n trade will crash worse than subprime. The Goldman Conspiracy's spending millions lobbying for trillion-dollar derivatives.

    "Too-greedy-to-fail" big banks will trigger harsh backlash. Banks pay huge bonuses yet modify only 9% of 4 million stressed home loans.

    America's wealth gap will trigger grass-roots rebellion. Wall Street's greed is so pervasive, gluttonous and obvious the rest will rebel.

    The "Goldman Conspiracy" will be a target for retribution. Goldman's hubris is most egregious and flagrant. Their arrogance will backfire.

    Wave of creative destruction will revive commercial banking. Investment bankers are killing commercial banking, Glass-Steagall will return.

    Secrecy protecting Wall Street's unethical behavior to end. Wall Street's control over Washington's lawmaking will come to an end.

    The Fed's shadow banking will collapse under excess debt. Central bank balance sheets overdrawn, feeding new bubble with cheap money.

    A "Black Swan" of huge unintended consequences. Next bubble, highly unpredictable, huge collateral damage on Wall Street.

    Make the most of this new bull. Then get out -- before you're the collateral damage.
  2. Interesting, but I wonder if he's raging because he never got to cover his short positions and needs another move down.
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    I ain't a gonna worry 'bout that shit.. back when Senators were appointed, each economic sector wound up having a Senator.. nothing has changed except now we make them kiss up and donate to get representation.. the people that work and try, prosper in such a system..

    I'm turned off by all the "have nots" hitting me up for money in parking lots.. I tell them to get it from Obama, they all voted for the commie sob.. If they want to fight about it I'll kick their lazy lying ass into the next county.... or I ask them why they are begging at their age when they always lived in the richest economy of all time... if they aren't ready for the next meltdown then they didn't plan ahead, what can one say???
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    Don't worry. You'll be one of them soon.
  5. The "revolution" is not against wall street or the Corpocracy that is masquerading as a democracy in washington.

    The "revolution" is the slow and eventual total annihilation of the regressive republican party and it's morally bankrupt trailer dwelling foot soldiers.

    These trailer dwelling utter imbeciles are why the corporations and their bought servants in the republican party have brought us to the brink of economic collapse.

    ever seen a teabagger? it's like each of these mofos walked out of a horror movie.
  6. The people on their way to the poorhouse are in the options market - looks to me like volume is a pittance to what it was 2 years ago....
  7. the truth is you aren't making jack shit.

    how do I know?

    simply based on your posts and political proclivity.

    You are fat, probably morbidly obese.

    Pay marginal tax rates because of low or non-existent income.

    The quintessential "joe-the-plumber" right wing regressive. A foot soldier of the Corpocracy and the regressive anti-American republican party.

    The average immoral puke-tard who is highly vocal on everything that is regressive and immoral.

  8. I like you, except I like to call them trailer parrots.
  9. Don't confuse my comments to construe that I support the Democrats either.

    The republicans and the republican party are out and out Anti American savages.

    The wealthy republicans don't want to pay a dime, yet want the finest law and order to keep their familes safe and want to avail themselves of the finest infrastructure ( paid for by the middle class paying all the gasoline taxes)

    The foot soldiers are walking zombies straight out of a horror flick. You can easily whip their emotions around with sound-bites. Can't expect anything better from Illiterates who think the world is 6000 years old.

    The Democrats on the other hand are, for the lack of a better description, Panty Waste.

    I watch with chagrin as their Panty Wasted representatives in congress try to pander and placate the Anti-American republican group.

    They forget that the American people gave them a land slide. gave them a fili-buster proof Senate. And soon to be a majority in the house.

    YET, after the clear signal from the American people that they were voted in to STEAM ROLL the anti-American republican+Corporate cabal, these Spineless , worth less, pandering fools Bemoan the lack of " Bi-partisanship".

    The solution to fundamental change in the process of how we elect these idiots into office rests in how the process is funded.

    At the moment, we have the corporate and special interest money funding the political process. Which is why there will be no change.

    using the First law of capitalism: Whoever pays, dictates the rules.

    The only solution is a Third Party funded by the voters.

    No, not the idiotic fringe Libertarian nonsense. But a truly progressive party with a spine to stand up to the Republican degenerates and their Corporate masters.

  10. I'm not confused.

    I'm a fiscal conservative with "liberal" social values. I have no party representation in this country and as you said, both sides are full of yahoos. The underlying problem is lobbying and a dual party unaccountable system.
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