Revision of Chinese economic data

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  1. jasonc


    With this is there anything that is left holding up markets or to stop a massive decline in the global economy? If china falls it seems like there is nothing positive left. Could tomorrow finally be the big drop? Saying this since futures have started to decline and a massive run to the yen along with declines in commodities aside from gold. Thoughts?
  2. nice call
  3. "Chinese economic data" is a double oxymoron. Why should we give a shit about a revision to something that was almost certainly a blatant lie in the first place?
  4. So true. Maybe a new genre would be apprope?

    -Chinese economic science-fiction?
  5. Ah so! Confucius Say: "Don't assume malice for what stupidity can explain."
  6. TGregg


    `Cuz so many people believe it that it moves the markets anyway. Or perhaps, so many people believe other people believe it, or believe other people believe other people believe it ad naseam.

    Anyway, it does seem to matter. Smoke & mirrors are better than nothing if that's all ya' got. Eventually the air clears.
  7. but that's precisely the point. it is because people DO give a shit that the markets moved. It just shows the role that China plays in the imagination of Americans or indeed people worldwide. There would not be such a reaction if Japan or Australia made that revision.

    On another note, why would you believe in data that ANY govt gives you including our own?