Reviews on DAS, LASER, and STERLING?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by bjklt96, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. bjklt96


    Hi everyone!

    Just looking for anyone with experience with DAS, LASER, and STERLING trading platforms, as these are my options for platforms.

    Please let me know your pros and cons if you have used all of one, or two, or all of these platforms!

    Things I have heard:


    Laggy quotes, slow fills


    the whole platform can be laggy and executions can sometimes be slow and the platform can be a little hard to get used to.

    LASER: laggy quotes and HORRIBLE CHARTS

    Feel free to add any other comments on these platofrms.
  2. I have used all platforms myself and what you are saying is not true.

    DAS is very stable I believe their servers are co-located at a Nasdaq data center. Very fast powerful quotes are certainly not lagging at all. Fills are not slow at all.

    Laser people still use that?

    Sterling is usually the 'go to' platform for a new trader because of the simplicity of the platform. However trading on it during the crazy 2011 summer volatility the platform sometimes was unstable and lagged/froze. If you are a noob to trading start off on sterling it is overall solid.

  3. Most of what you heard is not accurate. DAS is not laggy at all and fills are fast. Their servers are co located in a Nasdaq data center.

    Laser I didn't know people still use that?

    Sterling is the 'go to' platform for new traders it is easy to use and a good way to get introduced to trading. Very user friendly platform and easy to customize. I would go with sterling over DAS however picking DAS wouldn't be that terrible of a choice.

  4. Ever heard the term "Same shit, different toilet"??? Well that applies to trading platforms. All of them have their benefits/downsides. A lot depends on which one you take a liking to and prefer to work with - things like color schemes and how the windows are setup make a different when you are working 8 hours a day.

    Here's one thing I hate about Sterling - Every window you open (ticker, chart, montage) opens in a new window. Meaning, if you have 10 charts opened it runs as 10 different processes in windows. DAS, on the other hand, works all in 1 window which is pretty sweet and makes it easy to switch back and forth between other platforms, web browsers, etc.

    I think DAS may have a better infrastructure than Sterling considering they are listed as Platinum partner with NASDAQ while Sterling is listed as a Bronze partner. I'm not really sure what that implies. It may just mean they pay them more or, more than likely, it implies they subscribe to a more advanced service that NASDAQ offers.
  5. That really is a huge pain in the ass with some platforms. Sometimes you find yourself asking where's the common sense in designing these platforms?
  6. bjklt96


    Thanks Evo and FS

    Using sterling ATM because of the API. Does anyone have experience with DAS?
  7. DAS is more stable than sterling and you can run an API. Sterling from my experience has not performed to the same level as DAS, but at the end of the day sticking with sterling is not that bad and there are certainly worse options out there.

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