REVIEW you trades, what is the best way? Any HEAD TRADER here? Please advise

Discussion in 'Trading' started by kds, May 22, 2010.

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    Hi all, just have a serious question to prop traders. What is the best way to review your trades, analysing your mistakes as well as your strength. Anyone here has experience of doing this through your job as "Head Trader"? Please give advice...Thank you so much in advance.
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    Head trader? Are we talking about Elliot Spitzer here?:D :D :D

    Do some reading here. you cab learn how to ANALYZE, develop trading discipline, etc.,
  3. If you are overly emotional.... use a spreadsheet to document your trades.

    If you are already organized and have such a spreadsheet... start taking notes about how to scale in and out of your trades, the stops, positive sizing you have used on the trade, note the fills, note other positions that benefited from the move you participated in or faded...

    Also in a related journal keep track of subtle emotions that might provide some positive feedback or offer unique feelings that may provide some insights into your own comfort levels for your trading..

    Something like:

    I plan to entry into this position; or I am in this position, or plan to exit....

    give characteristics of trade. liquidity, your stops, technical info, fundamentals if possible... sentiment.. your position size relative to your account size... etc.

    Your emotional state on entry/exit/during the trade over the day/week/etc...

    This is all designed to create a structure for your mind as a trader...

    Keep track in a separate journal the relationship of your losers to your winners. This will help distinguish what kind of edge you have an figure out where your profits are coming from and where you're loses are...
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    thank you very much.

  5. Psytrade gave you good advice!

    Go to Journals and read the posts. Then study the successful traders and what they do.