Review of TraderFeed with Brett Steenbarger

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  1. Thanks to another post, I started going through some of Brett's blog entries again.

    I wanted to put a review so that anyone that searches in the future can find this. In summary, Brett's blog, books, etc are just phenomenal. I have never seen a blog that just gives away so much information. He could easily charge a fee for what he gives to the trading community. And I would gladly pay it.

    I normally don't put many endorsements on ET behind vendors, but Brett's blog is just incredible.

    I can't possibly go into the details of what Brett's blog offers, so I will say this - If you are a new trader, you'd be better off spending your TIME on his blog vs. paying a shady vendor. You'd come out so far ahead of the curve. The catch is that it requires your TIME commitment. And if you are a seasoned trader, there are some really good posts on the blog that could help your trading, even if just a tad.

    Brett's blog:

    Brett's books on Amazon (I highly recommend!):



    Note - Brett has a piece in this book. This is not one of his own.

    And for anyone interested, there are a few other books, not trading related:
    The Art and Science of Brief Psychotherapies
    The Essential Guide to Group Practice in Mental Health
  2. trom


    I totally agree.

    His blog is the only blog I read every single day.
  3. I've been reading his blog on and off for a year now. I agree that he reveals most of what you really need, to trade successfully as a career.
  4. I'm just floored at how much stuff he has on there for FREE.

    There are some good people out there and even a few that are in the trading crowd. LOL.

    A true diamond in the rough.