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  1. Just curious if anyone has tried out

    Looks interesting but not much on their site other than call us. No idea on pricing, what all you get with this, etc.

    If anyone has tested it out or uses it, share your opinion!

    Side note - if anyone has a suggestion for something that works like traderdna, post that as well. I'm basically looking for a software package that will take my trading info and spit out reports and analysis, etc.

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  3. I have heard good things about it. I believe Brett Steenbarger uses it, he references in his new book. He posts he sometimes. I am just learning and piking right now so I can't justify the cost, over 150 a month I believe.
  4. Sounds very interesting. Software is designed to examine your trading data, p/l etc from filled orders, which is analyzed to help improve performance. More information on their site.

    Re pricing...

    To own the software - $295 + $30 per month for on-going support for the software / data. Owning it gives you unlimited ways of analyzing your data.

    Using their web portal, they charge $50 or $80 per month, depending on whether you want to analyze more than one market indepdently, eg. trading the YM and ES is two markets. (offers less options to query your data).

    Waiting for some emailed reports, but they were very informative when I called.
  5. Probably good for prop groups, but a little pricey for most indivduals
  6. I guess that's all relative b/c for 100 bucks a month or whatever to be able to pull reports on my trading instantly with analysis I can't do on my own seems well worth the business expense. Finding just one common characteristic that is causing losses or gains could pay for itself over and over again.
  7. true. its all relative
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    Not taking away from the intent of your comments, is there a reason you (or others) can't do same or very similar analysis?


    Hello all,

    I represent TraderDNA. The information on our homepage is limited now, as our new site is currently under development. I would redirect anyone curious to learn more about the analysis to my personal blog, where I have posted some examples of such.

    Additionally, I'm happy to answer any questions publicly on this thread as they come up. I'll start with the one above:

    The type of data analysis we do is very technical and much of it is contingent upon our own calculations of your data. Aside from that, our program is designed to quickly collect and analyze large amounts of data, and deliver the results in a format that is easily interpretable with single views.

    Some of the more linear things we do could perhaps be tracked and calculated manually but even these basic things would take A LOT of time.

    When such analysis is done manually the possibility also exists that the calculations will be inaccurate and you have to control for human error, which there is a lot of room for here. The beauty of our program is not only that is shows such valuable information in the visual way it does, but that it is accurate, controlled, and completely objective.

    I could go on forever about this but the simple answer is that the only way a trader could achieve this type of feedback is if s/he designed a comparable program that could do the stuff ours does. We've spent 3 years developing ours.
  10. 2 - quite simply, I do not have the time or desire to construct some basic excel sheet that will do 1/50 of what a professional software package can do for me. I'm sure I could create something in Excel but that sounds like a lot of work when something is readily available.

    I have not signed on to traderdna yet, but it's a compelling business idea for the trader that takes their biz seriously. When I was a broker we had stats and analysis like this at our fingertips whenever we needed it. Having something like this for your trading stats could be an important add-on.
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