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  1. Helloo Folks,
    We thank God for bringing us to the begining of another brand new week and we give Him the

    glory in ALL things..

    This is Stallion,veteran forex trader and mentor. I would be reviewing strategic tips on

    how the major currency pairs can be milked. Though I specialize in gbpusd, other pairs

    would also be taken into consideration during our analysis.

    It has been theorized that your state of mind will dictate your trading methods. Experts in

    the field of trading psychology have pinpointed three main states of mind and how each has a

    direct effect on a trader's profitability.

    These three mind states are "having", "doing" and "being". Psychologists have noted that

    those new to trading start with a "having" state of mind. As they gain more experience,

    they move on to a "doing" state of mind. The pinnacle of profitability occurs when a trader

    moves into the last and final "being" frame of mind.

    The "Having" Mind Set
    A novice trader may focus primarily on profits. In this "having" state of mind, they are

    out of sync with the markets. They are blinded by their obsession to obtain the all mighty

    dollar and what it can afford them. Trading is not viewed as a job that must be mastered,

    but as a vehicle to escape from a world of mediocrity.

    Many traders are in the business to make money, as well as they should be. However, if they

    are blinded by greed, they tend to take uncalculated risks. Looking at the potential payoff

    without carefully calculating market trends and other factors is a recipe for disaster.

    It is impossible to graduate to a high performance level when you concentrate on "having"

    instead of how the game is won. If you trade in a "having" frame of mind, you may become

    frustrated when profits are not immediately forthcoming. With frustration comes a lack of

    focus. Without the ability to focus, you cannot gain knowledge from your experience on the

    trading field.

    Other negative consequences of this mindset are feelings of frustration and anger.

    Frustration stemming from a lack of expected profits and anger directed at oneself or the

    market in general. These adverse emotions will only cause further decline in profitability.

    Without witnessing gains from one's efforts, an individual may not give their best and may

    be tempted to "throw in the towel".

    The "Doing" State of Mind
    If an individual continues on to trade another day, they will eventually move from a

    "having" to a "doing" state of mind. Learning that there is more to trading than the

    amassing of money, a trader will turn their focus on learning new methods of trading and

    what does and doesn't work.

    This state of mind is still primarily centered on how to turn a profit. Although a "doing"

    mind state is essential to becoming a seasoned adept trader, the main focus is still short

    of the mark. It is crucial to know what works and what doesn't. However, a skilled trader

    will tell you there is more to the business then choosing one method and using it

    arbitrarily to make trades across the board.

    Becoming a trader of means requires not only a winning attitude, but also a fine honing of

    trading skills. To develop these skills, you must make trades using various methods under a

    wide spectrum of market conditions. Only then can you develop the needed intuition to

    master the art of trading.

    Pinnacle of Profitability: The "Being" State of Mind
    A successful trader almost instinctively knows how to make a trade using the best method

    available for the current market trend and/or condition. This ability does not occur

    overnight. It is only accomplished through perseverance, knowledge of various trading

    methods and learning which one works given a particular market condition.

    No trade is ever a "sure thing". However, a profitable synchronicity almost naturally

    occurs when you are faced with a potential trade, have a feel for the current market trends

    and conditions, and utilize the method best suited for a potential payoff. This "being"

    state of mind ultimately lends itself to long-term success in the high stakes of trading.

    So for today,Sunday the 16th of November,we await the opening bell of the Asian Session to

    commence trading..
    we might likely see a BULLISH GAP to the upside in less than 7 hours from now.
    We put a buy stop on our 60% BUY WINDOW @ 1.4765...1st target @ 1.4805..2nd target @

    1.4840...3rd target @ @ 1.4700

  2. Smurfie


    Hey Forexgreenland

    All trends from the monthly to the 5m timeframe are down. Why do you see an up-gap coming? In other words, on what do you base your decision?


  3. Hi Smurf, the up gap is not really the issue here..Price pleased us with some lyrical

    We jus chilling.. when we popped the cable glass an and

    I based my decision due to the ''market tells''..shown on those charts..mon ami..Like I said

    earlier, price was at its BUY WINDOW...MACD showing bullish divergence,123 pattern,etc..As

    you go along, you'll see why I based my decision on a long call, instead of a short..

    Maybe, jeff15...maybe..

    Yes, betard, I like that word ..''bounced off entry point'' bouncy balls..At that

    particular time, it looked good to short..and we got stopped out twice..

    In retrospect, that might not really look like a good place to short, except for the

    SCALPERS..Like Ninjas,they move in stealth, with each breath..never make their presence

    felt..Price on the GBPUSD opened this Monday morning @ 1.4671..made a low of 1.4656..just 15

    pips..removing 5 to 6 pip spread reduces it further..Though there was not a bullish gap in

    the early hours of this morning, but a bearish gap on the open, it was just the precursor of

    good times in the bullish sides..



    It was like 382 pips,mon ami...close to $400 minilot..$4000 standard lot on monday..But we

    got stopped out twice at 65 pips each...making a total loss of 130 pips..Subtract that from

    382 pips, we get net profit of 252 pips(excluding pip spread /or charges.)..But remember, we

    lost twice before we can arrive at our net profit..Such is life...If Thomas Edison can fail

    a thousand times before dicovering the icandescent lamp, why are we traders soo skeptical to

    losses.. Every single trade does not have to be a masterpiece..

    No probs, delv..We all learn and earn more and more...


  4. Nice one, jeffsmith, keep it coming..

    Yes,stalla, you might be quite right on that one, you know..especially with the GBP crosses

    like GBPCHF and GBPJPY, aka the prudent money management during trading is very


    [11:11:55 19/11/08] Stalion: hi everyone

    [11:12:17 19/11/08] Maximus : Hey Stalion good to hear from you..

    [11:14:08 19/11/08] djcarlos : Hi

    [11:16:02 19/11/08] Stalion : cool...

    [11:21:42 19/11/08] Stalion : also a buy stop on gu at 1.5005..1st target at 1.5025..2nd

    target at 1.5045...40 pip sl away

    [11:25:43 19/11/08] djcarlos : so, the buy entry was hit???

    [11:26:33 19/11/08] Stalion : yes, dj...

    [11:26:46 19/11/08] Stalion : we are on the ride

    [11:44:07 19/11/08] klho83 : All targets hit

    [11:45:24 19/11/08] djcarlos : yes

    [11:50:35 19/11/08] masif1 : wow - quick 40pips!


    [11:50:35 19/11/08] Maximus : do we live the sell stop there?

    [11:50:47 19/11/08] masif1 : and still going up!

    [11:53:16 19/11/08] Maximus : guys do myou keep your sell entry activated or not?

    [11:56:07 19/11/08] djcarlos : I saw in that GU will going to make pivot in


    [11:56:34 19/11/08] Stalion : no...delete the sell stop entry for now, since market dynamics

    have changed

    [11:56:46 19/11/08] djcarlos : ok

    [11:57:00 19/11/08] Maximus : thx...

    [11:57:03 19/11/08] Stalion : hope you got ur trailing stop on

    [11:58:00 19/11/08] Stalion : what kind of pivot,dj? what do you mean about pivot at 1.5050

    [11:58:03 19/11/08] Maximus : exit 1.5045 because only trading 0.10 lots..


    [11:58:35 19/11/08] djcarlos : I can send to you the chart by mail

    [11:59:07 19/11/08] klho83 : Is the sell stop still valid?

    [11:59:48 19/11/08] masif1 : i have left the sell in place

    [11:59:54 19/11/08] Stalion : it doesnt matter, could close half of the 0.1 lot in, 0.05..the allow d other half to ride with a trailing stop..

    [20:33:40] Stalion : hi folks, its a cool evening here in the city of Lagos, so we put a buy

    stop on GBPUSD @ 1.5045..1st target at 1.5070...2nd taRGET AT 1.5095..3rd target at

    1.5120...50 pip sl away


    And we also put a sell stop on GBPUSD @ 1.4970...1st target @ 1.4945..2nd target @

    1.4920..3rd target @ 1.4895..


  5. what "method" are you using for these conditions?

  6. Yes, onwuka...there are some good chart patterns around...just google head and shoulder patterns, W top and bottom, wedges,triangles,pennants, etc..You could find something useful that might assist you in your trading activities..If you checked those charts, you would hardly see any indicators...every trading decision is based from the charts and mumbo jumbo indicators or lines all over the place,,just straight from the charts..

    Lol, is quite simple and easy in forecasting..Dont stop it if you think you gonna make a profit..
    Many of the most simplest things in life are the most hydrogen,with the atomic number of 1.
    We need 2 atoms of oxygen with an atom of hydrogen, to form 1 molecue of water(H20)..Very simple but many people are not AWARE..''For the Bible says;My people Perish Due To Lack Of Knowledge/Vision''..
    Until you are AWARE that YOU are the INDICATOR..YOU are the Expert Advisor...YOU are the ROBOT...YOU are the HOLY GRAIL'',,you would always see yourself as a beginner in the markets..
    Until you throw off the clutches of EA's, robots,and diverse indicators, and start taking trading decisions straight from the charts,you would always tend to see yourself handicapped from reaching your goals of making profits through trading..

    Sorry,logoodung, you were right in the middle of the 3 low of the 1-2-3 pattern,which usually foretells a bullish bias..Problem was, you thought short, instead of long..Thats what you missed, mon ami..ohh, by the way, there was also a bullish hammer candlestick just where you went short, which formed as support to where you would've gone right, as in the solution, was by putting a sell stop below the low of 1, of the 123 chart pattern,which if triggered, would confirm your bearish bias in pric e movement..

    [20:45:50 19/11/08] Maximus : ok I got it, thx Stalion.....

    [20:50:33 19/11/08] djcarlos : thanks Stal

    [09:24:57 20/11/08] klho83 : I missed that:(

    [10:31:43 20/11/08] klho83 : Hi Max.

    [10:58:56 20/11/08] masif1 : guys stalion did NOT post the following alert

    [10:59:05 20/11/08] masif1 : And we also put a sell stop on GBPUSD @ 1.4970...1st target @ 1.4945..2nd target @

    [11:00:48 20/11/08] masif1 : 1.4920..3rd target @ 1.4895..

    [11:00:55 20/11/08] masif1 : this was on the forum

    [11:01:08 20/11/08] masif1 :

    [11:01:13 20/11/08] masif1 : posted last night

    [11:01:23 20/11/08] masif1 : the buy call we would have got stopped out on

    [11:01:37 20/11/08] masif1 : however the sell call we would have made profit Wink

    [11:06:42 20/11/08] masif1 : or was that the original sell alert stalion sent yesterday morning?

    [11:06:59 20/11/08] masif1 : i know i should not have cancelled it ;(


    so for Friday,we put a buy stop on GBPUSD @ 1.4865...1st target @ 1.4900...2nd target @ 1.4950...3rd target @ 1.5050

  7. Trust onwuka to ask some of those deep questions...

    We use what traders popularly call the TOP DOWN APPROACH..starting from the higher

    timeframes(monthly, weekly, daily and four hourly), to the lower timeframes(hourly,

    15min,and 5 minutes..)..As we are mainly on intraday trading,we use lower timeframes to

    pinpoint entries and exits...higher timeframes are mainly used by position and swing

    traders..also good for knowing the overall trend..

    2..The spacing of the 1-2-3 pattern is quite irrelevant due to the fact that market dynamics

    change as time is a function of time and space..HOW long can price

    travel in a session(s)..What you are looking for is the OVERALL pattern, not the difference

    in sums between the parts of the whole..

    3..A bullish hammer is oulined like a hammer...where the shadow or tail is twice the length

    of the real body of the candlestick..whether dark or means price is pausing in

    order to reverse or continue its walk..
    And yes, a doji can also foretell a preceeding fall losing steam..

    Yes, we surely will,Reeal...

    'The Reaction Swing is the centre of the cycle, where you can look back and then based on

    this information, determine where the cycle will go in the future.Since the Reaction Swing

    is where the Action ends and the Reaction begins, it marks the centre of a repititive cycle

    in which the past can project the future..
    In the monthly chart below, the price movement between B and C is the Reaction Swing.
    A Reaction Swing begins and ends with the lowest and highest closing prices..All you need to

    know are the dates of the highest closing price and the lowest closing price of the Reaction

    Swing in order to move on to the next step- PROJECTING FUTURE TURNING POINTS IN THE MARKETS



    Subtract the low of 1.7047(C), from the high of 1.9554(B) to get a difference of 0.2507
    Divide 0.2507 by 2 (half) to get a total of 0.1254
    Subtract 0.1254 from the high of 1.9554 and you get a price of 1.8304 ass the centre of the

    Reaction Swing.
    Place a sell stop at 1.8304.When the market passes through this price, the sell stop is

    triggered and you are short GBPUSD at 1.8304.That should be around august this year..
    The next step is to determine the maximum possible timespan of the trade..According to TIME

    PROJECTION strategies, the Reversal date(high probability turning point of its trend) is

    scheduled as from 4 to 8 months from now..Those on March futures could take mental note.
    Whichever comes first...1.3090 target for our price projection or 4 to 8 months in our time

    projection..whichever one comes first

    Not sure,kong..

    Hi trackstar,It is much of a ''method'', than it is a strategy...The CHART PATTERN

    RECOGNITION AND PRICE PROJECTION STRATEGY simply tells us where price is going and how far

    it might get there, to a considerable extent..

    technamental wrote:

    You are quite mistaken, my good fellow..maybe there's a slight misunderstanding here...I

    intract by answering comments and questions addressed in this thread..Just by reading your

    posts along with others, here, shows inclusion..I'm sorry if it seems self promoting to you,

    but I believe readers have a lot to gain when going through this thread,whether

    participating or non participating..very educative and reveals how real life practical

    trading spouting of theories that brings no profits to members..Why cover the

    light under a basket in darkness? The purpose and nature of light is to shine!

    THE FRONTIERS OF OPPORTUNITIES! And if along the way, showing that trading can be a

    winner's game..or something good can come out of my country Nigeria, despite all the media

    negativity...if considered as self promoting..then so be it...Cant win'em all, can we?

    [09:57:05 21/11/08] Stalion : hi everyone

    [09:57:23 21/11/08] Stalion : so for Friday,we put a buy stop on GBPUSD @ 1.4865...1st

    target @ 1.4900...2nd target @ 1.4950...3rd target @ 1.5050

    [10:33:27 21/11/08] Maximus : I received the sms to late for the trade....

    [10:43:26 21/11/08] Maximus : masif1 did you had the chance tp enter in the trade...

    [10:49:06 21/11/08] djcarlos : i enter ... and after to 1st target hit... went out and

    re-enter... and now in 2nd hit go out.... thanks Stal


    [10:49:18 21/11/08] djcarlos : 80 pips in the bag

    [10:54:00 21/11/08] djcarlos : The sell stop is 1.4970????

    [11:12:04 21/11/08] masif1 : hi maximus

    [11:12:15 21/11/08] masif1 : i did and trailing a the s/l

    [11:12:25 21/11/08] masif1 : 50pips already in the bag!

    [11:13:11 21/11/08] djcarlos : do you will enter the sell stop ???

    [11:13:30 21/11/08] djcarlos : now is hiting

    [12:55:08 21/11/08] masif1 : 3rd target hit

    [12:55:41 21/11/08] masif1 : 185 pips


    [12:55:55 21/11/08] masif1 : cheers

    [13:15:14 21/11/08] Maximus : whatr is the sell stop????

    [13:38:07 21/11/08] masif1 : it was buy stop order not a sell

    [14:04:34 21/11/08] Maximus : what was the sell stop that Stalion send on the sms???

    [15:37:20 21/11/08] masif1 : 10:39:43 20/11/08] Stalion : okay....sell stop at 1.4820..1st

    target at 1.4785....

    [15:51:44 21/11/08] djcarlos : the sell Stop of Trapping the Dragon its in 1.4970..

    [16:24:45 21/11/08] masif1 : lol

    [16:24:54 21/11/08] masif1 : your right djcarlos

    [16:24:57 21/11/08] masif1 : good call

    [16:25:03 21/11/08] masif1 : shame i missed it

    [16:47:39 21/11/08] Maximus : the sell stop 1.4820 is still good or not!!!!

    [17:04:57 21/11/08] djcarlos : I used 1.4970 sell stop... and go out with 170 pips

    [17:05:16 21/11/08] djcarlos : Very Happy

    [17:05:23 21/11/08] djcarlos : thanks Stal

    [17:07:44 21/11/08] djcarlos : the trapping of dragon worked exelent..

    [17:29:48 21/11/08] masif1 : what a dragon!

    [17:29:54 21/11/08] masif1 : well done djcarlos

    [17:30:39 21/11/08] masif1 : that's a possible 300-400 pips made today!

    Quite elementary, my dear Watson..I mean, Bert..The Doggy Style move on the GBPUSD have the

    potential of yielding approximately 135 pps when we put a sell stop @ 1.4922..1st target @

    1.4881..2nd target @ 1.4840..3rd target @ 1.4787...if you fear a trap, you can also put a

    buy stop on the same entry @ 1.4922..1st target @ 1.4945..2nd target @ 1.4970..3rd target @

    1.4995..on the bullish side..USDCHF might also open on the bullish side @ 1.2225..1st target

    @ 1.2245..2nd target @ 1.2262

  8. [00:07:31 24/11/08] Stalion : hi everyone

    [00:09:04 24/11/08] Stalion : price made a bullish gap on the opening gap of the Asian its a very good opportunity

    [00:09:40 24/11/08] Stalion : we put a sell stop @ 1.4922..1st target @ 1.4881..2nd target @ 1.4840..3rd target @ 1.4787...if you fear a trap, you can also put a buy stop on the same entry @ 1.4922..1st target @ 1.4945..2nd target @ 1.4970..3rd target @ 1.4995..on the bullish side..USDCHF might also open on the bullish side @ 1.2225..1st target @ 1.2245..2nd target @ 1.2262

    [00:10:13 24/11/08] Stalion : we revise our sell stop to 1.4945

    [00:53:13 24/11/08] djcarlos : FXCM it having problems... i cant enter the sell stop

    [01:14:33 24/11/08] djcarlos : entry point was hit??? I cant see

    [01:26:30 24/11/08] Stalion : hmmmm....

    [01:27:04 24/11/08] Stalion : the doggy style didnt work?

    [01:27:46 24/11/08] djcarlos : I dont know ... I cant see .. my plataform it having problems...

    [01:32:03 24/11/08] djcarlos : how was the alert???

    [01:33:52 24/11/08] Stalion : we just hit first target

    [01:34:07 24/11/08] djcarlos : Sad


    [01:39:46 24/11/08] Stalion : u can still enter now....

    [01:40:01 24/11/08] Stalion : price still has some distance to go....

    [01:50:28 24/11/08] djcarlos : I cant because my broker is not working

    [01:51:19 24/11/08] djcarlos : The doggy style is going to be like trapping dragon.... it will going up.. after down??

    [02:57:15 24/11/08] djcarlos : I cant enter yet


    Dr Who?
    Sorry...bert...stuff happens..right?

    Hi everyone, hope ur all having a nice day...the UK gdp REPORT CAME OUT THE SAME , SO FOR NOW,WEDNESDAY, TECHNICAL ANALYSIS IS PREEMINENT..we put a sell stop on GBPUSD @ 1.5300..1st target @ 1.5260...2nd target @ 1.5175..3rd target @ @ 50 pips away from entry..

  9. Helloo Learning pips,
    You know what your questions does to me? it challenges me...really, it digging

    down the well of yourself..believe me guys, these questions are NOT easy, though

    simple..neither is understanding market behaviour or ''tells'' for consistent

    So we go back to our monthly charts on the GBPUSD..remember last time, we talked about a

    reversal date of 4 to 8 months from now, for the which , price would have reached

    a high probability turning point from its downtrend to (A) an uptrend reversal or (B), a

    sideways consolidation or range in which the market is not ready to reverse but would

    continue trading in the same direction as the current trend.So price on cable has a maximum of 9 months to show a reversal, according to the Reversal Date technique.


    We shouldnt mix the concept of the Reaction Swing and Projected Reversal Date with the 60%

    buy/sell windows. The R.S is mainly used for TIME PROJECTIONS while the 60% buy/sell windows

    are more useful in the realm of PRICE PROJECTIONS.Now look at BC, the Reaction Swing where

    we got the centre of the circle in which the past can project the future..though price would

    have triggered our centre of the Reaction Swing @ made a turnaround at the 60%

    window..where the red arrow was.. Except you got very deep pockets to withstand a $1300 pip

    downward move with leverage,you would've been stopped out..It was at the 2nd try, where the

    blue arrow was, that price cleanly triggered the buy stop at the centre of the Reaction

    Swing, and rocketed up..

    Another difference is the R.S/R.D are mainly used in PRICE RETRACEMENTS, while the BUY/SELL

    WINDOWS, are mainly used PRICE TRENDS..Always understand the difference, like understanding

    your reality..''where Am I At In The Present Moment Of Now?'' Where Am I In The Greater

    Scheme Of The Universe?Am I in a full trend or a retracement/correction?

    2 Actually, you can apply those TIME PROJECTION TECHNIQUES on any timeframe, whether 5min,

    15min, hourly, or weekly,etc.. The major challenge is counting those bars or candlesticks,

    for the lower the timeframes, the more Reaction Swings inherent in them, and the more you do

    your counts.. Since John Crane is from the futures/commodities world, most of his strategies

    are different, yet similar to those in the forex world. His brilliant book, ADVANCED SWING

    TRADING'', is very helpful for swing and position traders..

    Hmmm, Mageroi, you might be quite right there..though they still have their uses..Is Time

    Projection a core strategy of Buffetology?

    Well, Mahir,
    just dont overlook GOLD as an alternative asset class, that traders run to during periods of

    market uncertainity.

    Even lower, danew...Price on the cable have up to 9 months to prove it.

    NOW,SUNDAY,our previous order is still on,.we put a sell stop on GBPUSD @ 1.5300..1st target

    @ 1.5260...2nd target @ 1.5175..3rd target @ @ 50 pips away from entry..

    [10:32:33 26/11/08] Stalion : we also put a buy stop on gu @ 1.5540...1st target @

    1.5580..2nd target @ 1.5615

    [10:33:04 26/11/08] Stalion : sl @ 40 pips away..

    If you care to observe, both buy and sell stops are at the extreme end of the Thanksgiving

    week we call this THE MONTHOBAMA TECHNIQUE


  10. Hi mfostel,
    Its quite encouraging of you to admit you've not been executing your trades very

    well..Though some might say its just 'luck to catch a drop', it all depends on you, at the

    end of the day..
    Significant profits is just a MEASURE of good trading....You still have to create structures

    based on your trading plan , in order to know where, when and how you went right or wrong in

    your trading activities..
    These structures includes your trading strategy, risk management and trader

    how do you reconcile an 80% gross profit with a 50 % relative drawdown?
    How exposed are your trades for that session , in relation to your total equity? How do you

    know when you are on a losing streak and how does that affect your successive trading

    activities? Those, and more questions you ask yourself, would surely help in making you the

    seasoned trader that you are meant to be.

    P.S- As a graduate of Finance from the University Of Lagos, I would say you are building a background in news in, economic analysis and forecasts would be right up your alley..if you are real jiggy with your major.

    [08:13:41 01/12/08] agba : Hi Stal

    [08:14:34 01/12/08] agba : Is the sell stop at 1.5300 still valid, it has been stopped out

    once today?

    [10:37:35 01/12/08] Stalion : helloo everyone

    [10:37:57 01/12/08] Stalion : yes, is...if stopped out, you reenter..

    [10:38:05 01/12/08] Maximus : Heu Stalion...

    [10:39:41 01/12/08] Stalion : 1st and 2nd target already hit for 125 pips..going for 3rd



    [10:39:56 01/12/08] Stalion : helloo there, max..

    [10:40:03 01/12/08] Stalion : howz ur trading going?

    [10:40:39 01/12/08] Maximus : very good i am out at 1.5175, thx...

    [10:41:36 01/12/08] agba : DId not reentered waited fr ur response

    [10:43:49 01/12/08] Stalion : Here, we tend to nurture traders to become independent after

    time..once you get the thick of it, you tend to trade better this case, am

    sorry you didnt reenter..

    [10:43:58 01/12/08] agba : Can I enter now?

    [10:44:41 01/12/08] Stalion : not depends on the risk to reward ratio

    [10:45:18 01/12/08] Stalion : our 3rd target is 1.5090..

    [10:46:08 01/12/08] Stalion : u can still enter now, with a 50 pip sl..agba...

    [10:46:10 01/12/08] agba : I will wait till us session

    [10:47:29 01/12/08] agba : ok thanks

    [10:47:43 01/12/08] Stalion : though the reward would be approximately the same, at current

    market price

    [10:48:12 01/12/08] Stalion : but the risk would be double since you got stopped out earlier

    [10:48:44 01/12/08] agba : I entered @1.5128

    [10:50:21 01/12/08] Stalion : no probs...time will tell..

    [10:52:04 01/12/08] Stalion: remember, put a 15 or 20 pip trailing stop on price when you

    are +20 pips ahead

    [10:52:21 01/12/08] agba : ok

    [11:15:57 01/12/08] agba : Thks Stal. Got 38pips

    [11:41:17 01/12/08] Stalion : lol!


    [11:42:24 01/12/08] Stalion : price on cable have gone way beyond our 3rd target of

    1.5090...for more than 210 pips,$210 minilot,$2100 standard lot

    [12:08:50 01/12/08] Stalion : even after subtracting the 50 pip stop loss earlier in the

    morning, we are still ahead

    [13:33:36 01/12/08] djcarlos : I missed that exelent trade .... Sad

    [13:34:07 01/12/08] Stalion : why? it has been out in the open for more than 24 hrs

    [13:34:23 01/12/08] djcarlos : I stal.... this falll is going to have retracement???

    [18:30:17 01/12/08] djcarlos : Hi, im looking CNN and US it was declared recently in


    [18:30:45 01/12/08] Stalion : recession?

    [18:31:37 01/12/08] djcarlos : sorry... yes recession in US... CNN said that is officialy

    [18:35:07 01/12/08] djcarlos : about 20 minutes was declarated ... but they sais that the

    recesssion start in december 2007

    [19:10:07 01/12/08] Stalion : from a sell entry of 1.5300 to a low of 1.4805

    [19:10:15 01/12/08] Stalion : almost 500 pips

    [19:13:12 01/12/08] djcarlos : yes.... and I missed it.... I want to die .... I looked the

    chat at 5:00 am... and the fall start at 6:00 am...

    [19:15:52 01/12/08] djcarlos : but now i hope a good retracement

    Stocks fall sharply on consumer spending worries - Yahoo! News

    If there's going to be a rebound or retracement, fasi, I think its better we put a buy stop

    on cable @ 1.4900, 1st target @ 1.4935..2nd target @ 1.4985..3rd target @ 1.5135...with a

    stop loss @ 1.4805...Please check your risk to reward ratio before taking any trades.
    #10     Dec 1, 2008