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  1. I'll tell you from experience: the best traders and fund managers don't post on social media. The best traders don't waste time [the opportunity cost of research and time better spent managing actual positions] posting or reading non-sense, getting stuck in anonymous and circular online debates, etc. The best traders have proven their own value, proven the value of their trading system and statistical market advantage through a track record, and only pay attention to their systems' signals -- following the charts and their risk management, etc. They ignore the 95%+ of people who have no idea what they're talking about despite 'sounding' articulate/intelligent/wise and focus on themselves, the true 5% of the population whom systematically win.

    In other words, you ideally want to talk to people on social media who post less, not more. You having over 1,000 posts is meaningless to me and certainly does not impress/project upon me experience, knowledge, insight, credibility, authority, etc. The only thing that impresses me is audited financial statements by a third party representative which show, undeniably, a statistical market advantage and history of profitability.

    P.S. You may ask, then, why I post infrequently here. It seems like hypocrisy/paradox. Rather, it's because I joined OneUp on inception before any information was in the public domain. I basically became a funded trader as fast as one possibly could. Because I was the only 'veteran' of OneUp, I was the only one qualified from real-life experience to post about OneUp and found it my civil duty as a maven to do so. I began answering the questions that many people had but only a few knew the answer to, basically as a public service. Now that I've answered all of the concerns people have had, I only occasionally post when I 1) receive the email notification and 2) have some free time.
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  2. I appreciate your input you have confirmed what I suspected about not trading live immediately and clarified some claims about being paid made in the One up community while i was a part of it.

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  3. Excuse me oilfutures2017, you're not the only "veteran" with them. Other than that, I agree to what you have shared.

    What I like most about them is the transparency. You know what you're getting!
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  4. Sydneyoil


    Can I ask anyone who is with this company and has been funded if there are options for larger amounts of funding or is it a gradual/incremental increase only?

    I'm asking because I have some money and can easily stake myself (and currently have) but am interested in further funding if it is substantial. I'm not really interested in gradual increases because I can already do that myself.

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  5. $650k is the largest account based on the website

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  6. Love your comments, very educational. I had similar experience with TST and have been toying with trying OneUp. I have had a funded account for a few months now, making regular money (just grinding everyday), nothing huge, when I saw nothing huge, averaging about $750 a week trading the ES. However, want really got under my skin was the performance coaches calling me if I had an off day all the time. Most of the time I am profitable 8/10 days, however the coaches still ring you and give you the 3rd degree.
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  7. I can concur with everything you have said. Like I mentioned before, I was a funded trader for a few months with TST, just long enough to withdraw my funds and prop up my private account. I agree the most annoying was the phone calls.
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    Hi, there is a clause mentioned in oneuptrader website like the one mentioned below. I want to know whether the funding is assured or they may say no for some unknown reason and refund.


    Hit your target, follow the rules, and you will be GUARANTEED placement with our funding partners with the SAME account size as your evaluation or we refund you 100% of your Evaluation costs.
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  9. It looks like its assured though the probability is on their side that most evaluation accounts will fail to hit the target and meet the requirements. And then even if someone does make it they have them trading on sim until they feel the person is a really good trader(until they lose enough money betting against the trader) then move them to live even then they are only risking the draw down. More than likely the "funding partner" is Oneup trader themselves. I discovered another thing about these evaluation accounts i think i mentioned it already but the trailing stop moves up on gross profits NOT net profits so if you have a $1500 trailing stop and make a gross of $1500 and your commissions are $1499 you basically have a $1 trailing stop until you fail the combine. This obviously in not in the traders interest. still the lure of trading with someone elses money will add in emotions that generally are not there in demo accounts and anyone that has actually traded will acknowledge that this is much cheaper. If you are a good low drawdown day trader you have a good chance of success. Re looking at the rules of oneup and tst its true what people have been saying the higher drawdown is the way to go which brings another set of problems you now have to net $6000/month without skill doing this consistently is highly unlikely. And since most trade the thin products to meet these numbers even if they make it to a live account they will find that getting the same fills will be very different from the demo.

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  10. Hi, I recently got funded from oneuptrader and I guess I can add few cents here.There is one consistency rule in the evaluation where your highest day must be equal to the sum of the next three best days which many people ignore to look at. Once that is fulfilled, you will be funded for sure.
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