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  1. I'm more of a positional swing trader at heart, so my trades are planned in advance, and I usually use limit orders to execute strategies, ideally around MM stop run areas. Sometimes it takes many many hours to get a fill, sometimes I completely miss out. I say this because I also trade separate personal accounts but that it's easier for me to manage an additional oneup one due to the aforementioned -- kind of like having multiple browser tabs open simultaneously and you only adjust occasionally.

    To answer your question, the main fees you should be concerned with are monthly account fees + commission. Mes Capital covers the account fee whereas TopStep separately charges you $85 per month for every market you trade in. For me with CL it's $4.72 commission per round trip per contract and you can look up their commission schedule for other instruments on their website under 'funded trader commissions'. That's about the same price as I pay with TD Ameritrade so it's pretty fair in my opinion.
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  2. I withdrew money from them too. I cannot mention who the seeder is as I signed a contract, you better hope they don't find out who you are. However, I received the money a day after. I have no problem with my seeder. oilfutures2017, I am a professional trader with over 20 years experience. I hear what you're saying and fyi it's normal prop business. How do they measure risk if they don't do what they do. This is my first post and I like OneUp and like the prop company i'm trading for. I just want to also mention something that's totally different from TST. I personally never took TST b/c a friend of mine had a very bad experience with them and you can find hundreds of videos online that share the same reason.

    - TST withdraw the drawdown after 10 days! That means if you are trading a $100k account and make $200 after 10 days, then that becomes your drawdown. Seriously!
    - TST require you to trade on their schedule and you must participate and trade in the chatroom. They breathe down your neck whenever in a position.
    - TST kicks you out whenever they feel like it for no reason.
    There are many other reasons including the silly weekly drawdown, chatroom only trading, if they call you and you don't pick up your out!
    As for the partners of OneUp, I haven't heard a word from them. Not sure if it's only me, but perhaps oilfutures2017 can confirm that for us.

    I just had to share my experience and hope it helps you guys.
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  3. I like the fact that people are getting paid and the requirements at one up are straight forward I just don't think the trader friendly model will last the topstep super trader mode will generate more income for these type of unregulated companies. Think about it they have rich people looking for traders with a 15 day track record to trade $50-$150k of their money only want a 20% cut of the winnings, don't require the funded traders to have a license or really know anything. If you look at any hedge fund startup story you will the stark difference in what they have to do in order to get rich clients such as a 3+ year track record of profitability, regulations, ability to contact you about any trade you have on, etc. again while they are paying it doesn't matter unless you have a strategy where you try to test the bias of the markets with limit orders.
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  4. Hi my friend! How are you going with them?? Are you good at your evaluation??
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  5. Tell us when you cam withdraw!
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  7. Xela


    Says yet another brand new, first-time poster.

    Funny how almost everyone recommending OneUp, here and elsewhere, is a brand new member.

    And how their experiences differ so much in every way from those of any longstanding members who have already earned any credibility and respect.

    That's malicious, defamatory bullshit. At least it clarifies your agenda, though. :rolleyes:
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  8. Thanks for the info! By the way, I've heard about some funding companies, 'cause here un latin america it's kind of difficult to get the money for a decent account, so that's why guys like me are looking for some funding, to get an account to be profitable and trade without expensive loans. It's knid of sad, but it's the true!
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  9. There are a few updates that I want to mention.

    1) In regards to your comment, I would suggest that you read through this thread in its entirety; I have already posted various comments throughout this thread relating to your question. To summarize, yes, I have confirmed withdrawal(s) with OneUp, and yes, they are [thus far] legitimate.
    2) Furthermore, I have actually withdrawn multitudes of times with OneUp and received the withdrawals same-day via wire transfer without a problem.
    3) To be quote honest, I'm not sure when this happened, but I can confirm that my 'funded' account was converted from 'demo' to 'live'. I am confident in this because liquidity now updates appropiately in the DOM whereas it didn't in the past. To reiterate for emphasis, I'm not exactly sure when this actually occurred, but assume this occurred after I had proven consistency/withdrawn a sufficient amount of capital. This is very meaningful because it solidifies the fact that OneUp has a verified pool of trading capital to be used as a resource for funded traders; by extension, the entire business is indeed legitimate.

    From my experiences thus far, OneUp appears to operate as I had suggested throughout this thread, and that is that only the cream of the crop -- the top 3% -- actually move on to be 'truly funded'. The others, who can't manage money, simply fail.
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  10. I also trade my own personal accounts but because of OneUp now have access to ~$45,000 in contracts [15 lots of position size] that I did not possess prior to becoming a funded trader with them. What did I have to do to access this? Simply paying a small, incredibly immaterial, fee and about a month of time. To date, I've already generated over a 1,000% ROI from my initial fee with them and it has only been a month.

    Main point: Trading your personal account is not mutually exclusive with simultaneously operating a funded account at TsT/OneUp.
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