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  1. Hello,

    I am planning/considering to open a live account with Cannon Trading for intraday future index and commodity trading.

    If you use this broker, please share your experiences (good or bad).

    Thank you,
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  2. tiddlywinks


    Cannon uses 5 different FCMs.

    You will get better input if you mention which FCM you will be using.
    Data feeds and therefore platform choice, all-in commissions, margin requirements, and of course order fills and other account aspects such as liquidation policy etc, are all affected by the FCM used.
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  3. R1234


    I have used them in the past. They had responsive service and commissions were competitive.
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  4. patrickrooney

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    Ilan is a great guy. We interviewed him for our 5 Questions blog series at Trading Technologies.
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  5. I dont use them but curious what is making you want to try them?
  6. Thank you for response.

    What does FCM means and why is it important to me? I day trade crude oil futures. 1 to 2 contracts only.
  7. Thanks caacapital,

    Because their day trade margins are low and account size requirements is afforable for me and I can use my favorite trading platform with them I am comfortable with. And good reviews online.