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  1. would anybody know of a charting service or website offering Reverse Y-axis charting. I have Trade Navigatior who do not offer this feature.
  2. 2.4

    Create a chart (typically in Calc).
    Double click on the chart to enter chart mode.
    Click Format > Axis and choose either X Axis or Y Axis.
    Click Format > Object Properties in the menu.
    Click the Scale tab.
    Check the Reverse direction checkbox.
    Click the OK button.

    there are a few more, just google it
  3. Is this what you mean?

    If so, quotetracker has it.
  4. I appreciate both of you helping me. I looked at your attachment and realized that I hadn't given a lot of detail of what I was exactly looking for. A hypothetical setup for what I'm looking for would be if I had 'XYZ' yearly chart. And lets say from Jan to Dec of 2007 price went at a 45 degree angle up from 20 points to 40 points. I don't want to rotate the chart 180 degrees, I'd like the chart to be inverted to the point that the right hand side price grid which previously and 'as always' went in 1pt increments from the botttom up. Simple as it gets right. Ok, I'd like to invert this same chart. It would still have the price grid on the right but now the 20 point marker would be higher up the grid and the 40 pt marker would be below on the right hand side y-axis. I'm not looking to reverse the time period with the lower left hand side starting with December of 2007 and then November, and then October.. Etc. Etc. If inverted correctly, our new chart would have the exact same 45 degree angle, but it now would be going from high to low as opposed to our original trend from low to high.
  5. Not sure how many programs do this or if this is a good solution, but I've done something similar many times with eSignal. There are times I want to look at a contrary indicator on top of another symbol, so I need the contrary indicator to be in a reverse mode. I make it the negative of itself by typing in a symbol of 0 - <sym>, such as 0 - IBM. You have a negative sign on the price, but I just ignore that and just look at the numbers in the price themselves. If color of bars is also an issue, I just switch the up/down colors so that matches too.


  6. HPT


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