Reverse Trader's Grail

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  1. Jesse Livermore did it with a crude spreadsheet. William Delbert Gann did it with astronomy and astrology. Steven Cohen does it by "getting the information first."

    Those who say the markets cannot be predicted, cannot predict it. Those who say the trader's Grail does not exist, has never found it.

    The actions of a lone individual are difficult to predict. The actions of a crowd are much simpler. Think of a crowd as an evolving glob of energy. Ever been to a stadium and could feel the anticipation of the crowd? That's energy in motion and it can be captured and analyzed. How? With radio science. Audiology.

    Take the frequency and amplitude of waves and dissect it into certain fractals. Apply an audio based algorithm to the pattern and it will tell you the frequency and amplitude of where the next energy wave is going. Simple as that.

    Have you ever seen an indicator that is so bad it's good? An indicator that is always always wrong you just toss it in the trash. Or do you? Just fade its signals. It says buy at the top or sell at the bottom. That's the confirm for the wave analysis. Works best on a 10 minute frame.

    See you all at the bank!
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    No, I've never seen or even heard of an indicator with a 100% failure rate. How about an example? :)
  3. I've taken $4732 and in a little over seven years profited over $5,356,888.42 including today. The average is 5% compounded monthly, which would be higher except for the execution details. Becoming a member of an exchange is an option, one I am not considering now.

    IF one has the proper methodology to trade a particular market and IF the market one trades fits their overall personality, then one will be successful. That is a given. After a while, making money becomes routine.
  4. Nice numbers. From what I have seen on this board, there are quite a few seasoned traders here whom I would expect to jump all over your post with the usual " show or go" questions. They seem to make a quick meal of posers, paper traders, inheritance hobbiest, and the like.

    If you would care to share, it would be nice.
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    prophet, what are you trying to sell?
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    It must be a new therapy for mental patients when released from the asylum. Please post your horsesh*t fantasy at ET and don't forget to add 42 cents to any imaginary winnings you can think of.
  7. Here is a little glad they are wrong indicator.

    Everytime the market is diving, the website moonbats say the sky is falling, the sky is falling (and its all bush's fault).

    Each time they have said this in the past 2 1/2 years (since I have been looking for it), the market has made a major bottom within 2-3 days and then rallied hard. So far they are 0-9 at calling their tops, but 9-0 for calling bottoms :)
  8. I am selling the idea that the markets are beatable. Random Walk theory is just that, a theory.

    Sometimes it is better to be lucky than smart. I am not smarter or more experienced or better than any of you. Just lucky.

    Lucky that I was in the right place at the right time to understand and discover audiology. Lucky to discover the reverse grail. And to be at a place in my life where an empty coffer is no longer a concern.

    Forget everything you know about the markets. The tools I use, as good as they are, are a supplement to knowing one thing. The entire mechanics of the financial world revolve knowing one thing. And unless you can say for certain what this one thing is at any given moment, you will forever hand over your cash to the smart money who do.
  9. profitprophit,

    when u say audiology, what are u listening to?
  10. The sound of lemmings chasing a lottery ticket, blowing in the wind.

    The guy's correct in theory, fade the crowd or better yet, carve-out a position ahead of the crowd

    The specifics of audiology elude me however. Some of Elder's oscillators seem derived from harmonic means.

    Practical application in terms of extracting consistant profits would be another matter altogether.:D
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