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Discussion in 'Psychology' started by romik, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. romik


    Has anyone tried trading against a total loser by opening reverse trades? Losers are not easy to find on BBs, more chances in the open world, that is not an issue anyway. The difficulty comes from finding The One that consistently makes wrong trades and going against him.
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  2. Finding a consistent loser is always difficult.

    They're either not wealthy enough to keep trading, or they keep trying to change they're mindset.

    Damn Hope. Who needs it?
  3. I fade myself... & it has been very successful...
  4. A lot of losers are losers because of position sizing and money managment. You could take the opposite end of their positions and still be a loser for that same reason.

    Try using market sediment and take the opposite position when it reaches extremes.
  5. KS96


    Moreover, some losers are losers because of commissions
    and spread... Especially in the short timeframes.
  6. romik


    lol, that's real funny man, though good on ya.
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  7. maxpi


    I follow the ones that spell lose as "loose".
  8. romik


    that's quite risky in my books, as nobody knows for sure at which level the market has topped.
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  9. Yes, I have done it with myself being the loser. It is very hard to do, you must totally believe that you are a loser and everything you do is wrong. I even devoloped a system around using loser patterns that I see, which I fade. One time I did 15 trades in row all losers, none ever were winners for even 1 minute. Now, my only problem is taking profits on my loser pattern, tend to let winners turn back to losers.
  10. OMG69


    Forget it.
    If one was a consistent loser they would do one of 3 things
    1. Give up trading
    2. Fade their own signals
    ( highly unlikely)
    3. Modify their approach and become an unpredictable loser.
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