Reverse mortgage! Pay for your medical bills by selling your house!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by cybtropic, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. Am I imaging things or is there a huge increase in these reverse mortgage commercials on TV?

    Instead of dealing with actual problems like insane medical costs, why not ask the elderly to pay for their medical bills by basically selling their houses! Everyone has to sacrifice, so why not ask your elderly parents to sacrifice. That way I can pay less taxes. Awesome idea.


    Do the stupid canadians and french sell their houses to pay for medical bills also?

    My father used to run a grocery store in an area with lots of elderly people. They would come in and buy one banana or one apple only, because they couldn't afford anything else.

    How you treat elderly says alot about you, but it doesn't matter because America is the greatest nation on earth.
  2. My grandparents didn't have no stinkin health insurance. If they ever went to the Dr, they paid out of pocket.

    Stinkin people today refuse to take care of their health. Come on people!
  3. TGregg


    Shaddup and finish your double Whopper with Cheese, King Size Onion Rings and Milkshake.

  4. And that's just for breakfast!