Reverse Candlestick Charts - Dare to selling Short

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  1. Most of ppl are good at Long positions, and not at all good at Selling short, or close the Long positions. The bias is because most of security market around the world prevent selling short. So when ppl bought it, they hope it goes up, even think a dangerous trend reversal as a normal pull back.

    I discovered in 2009, that if you reverse the normal stock chart, i.e. flip the chart up side down, you will be very willing to selling short !! Note, this is REVERSE candlestick, not reversal candlestick which is a type of candlestick chart pattern.

    Below is the illustration of reverse candlestick chart in MetaTrader4, SP500 index. Together with Exponential Moving Averages.

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    Did you know there are already inverted price action of SPY etf ?

    Thus, why not just put the chart of SPX index or SPY etf side by side with the chart of UltraShort S&P500 (symbol SDS). My point is I understand your theory but why didn't you just post an actual stock chart of something that doesn't have an existing inverted trading instrument in comparison to your posted chart of the SPX index (not a stock) considering your theory is based upon stock charts and not based upon something that already has an existing inverted price action trading product. :confused: