reversal to upside day shaping up

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Jesse J., Apr 22, 2003.

  1. this IS the time to press my luck, while i'm hot.

    and I think you confuse "impressed" with "excited" about winning.

    I'm always giddy when I make good $$$.
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  2. lets see yur end zone dance fucko
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  3. LOL
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  4. Rod Tidwell's..

    In Rod we trust!
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  5. Husky02


    there are many issues....north korea, iran and syria on the global front...SARS could be a real killer for US companies that rely heavily on imports and exports to the asia region(and there are plenty, starting with technology) would have to be naive to believe that corporate and trading scandals are over....and there are plenty of variables that probably dont cross the realm of thinking right now, just like the issues we have dealt with in the recent past werent conceivable 3 years ago.

    again, i dont think we are going to be in a bear market forever, i just really think your kidding yourself if you think right now is going to be any different...too many technical and fundamentally indicators pointing down
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  6. buff


    Kudos on the call; I had a nice profit today as well. I do feel with the war winding down, Mr. Bush is now concentrating on the economy and his tax package. I got a kick out of Jim Cramer gushing on CNBC today as being one of nine invited to the White House today to talk about the market and the economy. Could the Plunge Protection Team be at work to help stimulate the market? Dollar was down, VIX is glaringly low, bonds held there own, earnings are OK; forward guidance in most cases is nothing to write home about and yet market took off. Why?
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  7. what technical indicators are pointing down. most charts i look at are shaping up nicely. as far as fundamental problems the market looks ahead and right now it thinks things are getting better.
    sure ther may be something ahead that we cant concieve right now but its hard to make a bet on that possibility.
    i dont think we are in a new bull market or anything but we could easily do 8700-8800 and 30 qqq.
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  8. maybe retirement money. most people do their taxes at the last moment and fund retirement plans around this time.
    maybe cramer is being considered for the job of running the Plunge Protection Team. lol
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  9. buff


    Or maybe Dubya just wanted to know "Jim, am I diversified?" :D
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  10. Pabst


    Kick ass call, and no argument here on your prognosis. Especially the part about those "wise guy" shorts.
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