Reversal of the dollar

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  1. What the chance it happens in the near future? What would spark it? Would it be accumulation first, or a start with a running up first?

    The majority is probably bearish the dollar. What is your personal opinion (going forward, as opposed to simply looking at the rear view mirror)?
  2. Pending debt restructuring of at least three countries in the EU will trigger massive dollar buying. They are trying to avoid it but it will happen at the end. It is possible to see EURUSD at 1 in a matter of a few days. Remember the collapse of the Pound that made Soros rich(er)?
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    Interest rate differentials must change. Either the FOMC raising interest rates, the ECB lowering interesting rates, or some combination thereof. Otherwise, USD divestment continues.
  4. Thief Bernake is picking your pocket.
  5. what's Ben's uncle point? he seems OK with a slow and steady slide in USD, but he would be forced to act if USD plummeted.
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    I don't know where his stop is, but unemployment is quite high. When unemployment starts to meaningfully decrease is when I would expect to see the FOMC bump up interest rates.

    It is a very difficult situation right now. Increasing energy prices are throwing sand into the gears of US economic recovery so that it is possible that unemployment will become even worse. Seriously, would you want to start a business now or hire labor?
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    Your super duper "model" isn't telling you anything? LOL
  8. eur/usd at 1.4847 on retest of high. Models say it would fail. Would be nice if it could make 1.4848.
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    Dollar at 3 year low, everyone and I mean everyone is expecting a bounce somewhere soon, if that bounce doesn't come the dollar will break 70 very soon!

    Value 73.03 One-Year Chart for DOLLAR INDEX SPOT (DXY:IND)
    Change -0.292 (-0.398%)
    Open 73.27
    High 73.34
    Low 73.02
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    It better find support at 72. Below 70, kiss it goodbye.
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