Reverend C.L. Bryant: "Blacks and Latinos had no reason to vote for Obama."

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  1. Surprised they let him on MSNBC at all, but obviously they had a couple race hustlers present to demagogue the issue.The undeniable fact that C.L. Bryant points out is that blacks and latinos have no reason to vote for democrats, other than emotion, democrats have done nothign but destroy their communities.

    Cant wait to see his documentary "Runaway Slave," At some point, blacks and latinos will hit a tipping point, where they realise that democrats, and liberal ideology/indoctrination are the sole reason for their poverty.

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    Unfortunately, it has been shown time and again that they are too stupid to realize how the democraps are fleecing them.
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    Case in point, RCG.
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    And IQ-47.
  5. Blacks and Latinos are much smarter then conservatives,The GOP cant fool them like they can idiot conservatives
  6. it's than , dipshit.
  7. You as a black man, are here proving every day that you are too stupid to see obama's policies are not in your best interest's.
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    Obviously your sole purpose here is trolling. The thing is, you're not even that good at it.
  9. So why dont you regale us with all the different ways that black and latino communities are better off from an economic standpoint based on legislation from Obama?
  10. This is the brain of someone with an IQ score of 47

    You have to have a score in the 20's to believe the shit in the post below

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