Reverend Al Sharpton Proposes Constitutional Amendment

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TGregg, Aug 18, 2003.

  1. TGregg


    Reverend Al spoke up like a Daniel come to Judgement.

    The way to solve the problem, he said, was to amend the Constitution to make excellent health care a Constitutional right! Then, anyone who did not get perfect health care could sue anyone he wanted and get redress under the Constitution.
  2. The same way Rubinomics was used to explain away the need for tax cuts when the government was basking in a surplus now we get the great line about the need for perfect health care.

    The easiest way to get elected is not to show proof, in most cases economic data, but just play to the minds of the electorate. The big problem facing people today and definitely in the future when a majority of the baby boomers hit retirement is the rising cost of health care. It sure seems to be the one thing not deflating in terms of price so how do we solve it: "My God, these damn doctors and health care companies are in cahoots with the devil, robbing from the pockets of hard worker and elderly people." Just mumble that and you sure as hell will get the vote.

    As the author Ben Stein (notice how it says writer and actor rather than economist and lawyer, I wonder why) points out the absurdity of the good Reverend's brilliant idea, I just wonder if the democrats have any stance on anything that could pose a problem to Bush in next year's presidential race.