Reverb Capital in Chicago

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  1. Does any one know anything about "Reverb Capital?" in Chicago?

    Thank you in advance.
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    Isn't that the firm that's run by Jimmy Two Times??

    From Goodfellas (1990)
    Henry Hill: [narrating] And then there was Jimmy Two Times, who got that nickname because he said everything twice, like:
    Jimmy Two Times: I'm gonna go get the papers, get the papers.
  4. If it's a Craigslist ad, be careful. You may get herpes and/or your wallet stolen. :cool:
  5. I'd rather go with Tremolo Trading in Austin or Univibe Partners out of Seattle.
  6. Srsly,

    Yeah this was a craigslist posting. Yeah I'm naive when it comes to this. It looks like they are a new startup of a larger firm.

    I was just wondering if any one knew any thing about them and if they were legit. It appears that no one here knows, that's ok. Thank you for your entertaing posts!!

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    I just did a google search for reverb capital because my brother works there and I wanted to see if anything new was going on. That brought me to this thread and now I'll add my two cents.
    Reverb Capital is a newer startup. I don't claim to know much about it other than the owner, David Kalt, has not done too shabby in past ventures. He started which is doing rather well.
    I know nothing about the details of Reverb's business plan etc so I'm no help there.
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    i'm pretty sure reverb is a model driven shop trading options and futures...
  9. Anyone here at the ET nest trading with this firm.....or anyone have an update on this trading company?

    Send me a PM if you would rather not post here. :)
  10. It is in fact David Kalt's firm. Volatility arb and a handful of other strategies. You couldn't work for a better person. Brilliant and great ethics.
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