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  1. Just read on yahoo news 'Vandals target fred the shred's home' (Sir fred goodwin ex RBS chief) They smashed windows and damaged his car.This is an organised group who have warned police they intend to target other bankers.I am sure a lot of us were expecting this kind of thing to happen and while i don't condone violence and lawbreaking,if the politicians wont listen to the will of the people then exceptional times require exceptional measures imo.(i would hate to see people physically attacked,that would be indefensible but property is fair game)Looking forward to hearing about other bankers reviewing their position on keeping their undeserved rewards.
  2. I don't know how the ratings agencies, SP, Moodies get away with nothing but passing criticism ...walk between the raindrops.
  3. If read the article in the Times too. Is it possible Obama went after the said to be relatively insignificant bonuses of AIG execs to avert this kind of reaction here in the states?

    "What did you think of the French revolution?" "Its too soon to tell"
  4. It's funny,i keep thinking guillotine,french rev.I guess the message could not be more loud and clear- we do not care.We intend to bail out our rich friends regardless of cost and you get to lose your house your job and pay the bill for at least 2 decades.That is how it is in the UK.And the biggest joke is they think that people will continue to take it and do nothing.I predict in a few months some of the f*ckers will literally be fearing for their lives.
    As far as obama or any politician is concerned almost without exception,they only operate with 3 basic rules 1) maintain power regardless 2)keep your rich backers happy 3) tell the public what they want to hear and don't worry if you can back it up 'cos there's nothing they can do about it but complain.
  5. Problem is you can't get to a place where you can do anything w/o at least making the wealthy think youre going to keep their nests feathered. Obama I think is as close as the middle class can ever get to someone who might send some breaks their way. If even he doesn't behave the media has a way of defining
    public indignation for them.